They will discover a new way to restore reflection


A team of researchers led by scientists from University of Medicine University of New York on identifying marking marker paths that prevent hair loss from wound skin, which may help to reduce the skin, Finding drugs better to change baldness, GEN statements.

In this study, scientists found the way to use a Hedgehog signals (Shh) using cells to interact with each other.

We know that the path is very active at the early stages of human growth in the uterus, when follicles falt they will create, but they will & # 39; grow deadly on withered skin in healthy adults.

"We indicate that the implementation of the Shh path provides a renewal of a renewable birth step, known as & # 39;dermal tip& # 39 ;, Required and enough for neocolonies of hair follicles (HFN), "write the authors in their work.

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"Our findings show that fibroblasts can be encouraged by the way to make herbicides happening unexpected hair in healing," said the inspection inspector, Mayumi Ito, The Professor of the Center's Dermatology Department Langone Health linked to the University of New York.

The researcher said she hopes that the work will help her achieve her ultimate goal, means that the adult skin returns to its state of interest so that it can make new hair follicles, not only in a wound skin case, but also in people who stay flat with getting older.

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