They will expand the search time if Sophie is: they will & # 39; Waiting for knowledge to Colombia


In 45 days the investigation period was extended in the case for the crime of the small Sophie that happened in the Alerce department, from the Puerto Montt community.

In the court of the court a new hearing was held. On the event, the time to expand the question was agreed.

The Office of the Public Office Office and the Office of the Ombudsman are awaiting the results of their examinations to Colombia, because they are important to do so; clarifying Francisco Rios' partnership when his daughter died.

Procurator Ana Maria Agüero said that overseas issues related to the investigation of the death of the child.

Pressure (Millibars)

Defender, Pablo Castro, said they are also aware of the results, since his client argues that Sophie did not die.

Pressure (Millibars)

It was reported that this was the last time the investigation into the death of the baby was extended.

Sophie case

Remember that Sophie's case created a case; worried across the country, after he knew that the girl died after his father had been seriously saddened and lost.

At Sophie's death, the doctors reported that there were many wounds and shooting her who could be named to third parties.

In a number of towns throughout the country, groups of people were shown by rejecting the events, where they were considered re-location to death episode against those who commit crime against young people.

Just to Colombia

Procurator Marcello Sambuceti confirmed this day on Thursday that he asked doctors and technicians in Colombia to bring about medical knowledge, to emphasize Sophie's thorax. away or consolidate.

The procurator said they are in that country Experts who have worked in similar areas, with skills related to delays in vulnerable children.

Defense defended Reason that the only person did not recognize that the child fell, but He had not caused his death.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

It is possible that the expenses are removed at the end of the investigation, for that reason It should not be considered guilty so that justice can be done. give birth to it.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedures Code)

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