They will find a world of life hidden in the depths of the Earth


Within a collaborative project framework called Deep Carbon Theater, an international team of deeper scientists & marked under the seabed. It includes a microban that could be there for thousands or millions of years, AFP reports, announcing major research results that lasted nine years and is close to its head.

In their survey, researchers drilled the seabed at 2.5km deep and found plenty of unidentified animals, which follows in the heat conditions and hardest stress. In addition, virtually these meanings are not alive: they are in a slow and slow moving state similar to the & # 39; zombie, a & # 39; the researchers need.

Deep biosphere

The experts concluded that about 70% of our planet's bacteria and archaea live underground, and that this underground ecosystem is equivalent to 15,000 and 23,000 million tonnes of carbon.

Rick Colwell, an expert at the State University of Oregon (SA), said that "the deep Earth's biosphere is very big" and describes recent conclusions as an "truly interesting and real ecosystem" .

Bacteria outdoors?

"Genetic diversity of genetic life is under the surface, which is equally equal and maybe more than the ones above, and we are not very familiar with it," said the researcher. Besides that, he said, to analyze his & # 39; underground life "will help to understand what is found in other planets or other life-saving systems ".

For her, Karen Lloyd, from the University of Tennessee (USA), The Guardian says "how to find a new life resource on Earth". "There is a real part of life within the Earth and not on top," said the researcher.

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