They will receive the "sacred grail" who finds different types of cancer in just 10 minutes


A team of scientists from Queensland University (Australia) has developed a way that can detect different types of cancer in a person's bloodstream within 10 minutes, according to a study published today in the journal Nature Communications.

The method is made up of liot which incorporates gold nanodles, which includes the DNA of the strange and healthy cells, but the situation in which the solution is different in both cases. The gold nanoparticles gave a pink allowance to the solution used in the study. When you add healthy human samples of healthy teeth, the slab will be blue color, but presence of cancer cells the solution can be maintained; pink bone.

This way has confirmed that it is in detail of up to 90% in exams with 200 samples of chronic cancer, prostate or colorectal, as well as lympoma, led by researchers at Queensland University.

"Indeed, we still do not know whether it's the holy love for every diagnosis of cancer, but it seems that it's interesting as a genuinely genuinely large, genuine arsenal for cancer, and as accessible technology and affordable access that does not require complex work-in-work equipment, "said Professor Matt Trau, who led the study.

"One of the key benefits of this method is that it is very cheap and very simple to do it, so it can accept the & # 39; clinic is easy, "said Laura Carrascosa, co-author of the work, which was reported by The Guardian newspaper.

However, Carrascosa says that doctors need additional analysis, more specifically for their patients. "Our method may be search engine to tell doctors that patients may have cancer, but he has to do more testing with other ways identify the type and extent of cancer", clarified Carrascosa.

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