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"I woke up in the morning with a hard pain in my right eye." I felt they were stinging something wrong for him. I woke up and everyone noticed that her eye was completely red. “Since she was very young, Beatriz Llinás had to phone lenses because she was so scarce, and has been everywhere in the past five years. went away. it's been better than the cleaning method that those lenses are. The main reason is that, through him, the cornea worked out into his curse.

This is called pseudomonas. "It's an aggressive bacterium." They can grow in inspirational media, as with a lens or joiner, "Juan Antonio Durán de la Colina, a member of the Ophthalmology Society of Spain,".Keep in touch with communication lenses and, while the landlord has effective barriers to disease prevention, there may be slight erosion or slight damage to the virus. "

The doctor says that these diseases are not common, but he recognizes, if you can move out to pull off, the results can be fatal.. "Unfortunately, it is difficult to find out the numbers of bad diseases, but the worst is that they grow and that bacteria become more active. And Durtan, a thief, is warning. "In the western world, The first cause of blame infection is the use of contact lenses. In general, there are young patients and it is not often affected by both eyes. "

Losing a few moments in time

Beatriz was away to spend a weekend in Alicante with her family, a couple of families at that time. Fortunately, his son's father was a doctor and he was able to subdue him in a collaborative chemistry clinic. "Do the doctors tell me," in one night, the two pheasants were awake. As they said to me, the bacteria were introduced into my bottle of communication and an expansion in the salted beer, "said Llinas.

"This germ can survive perfectly in the lens of a lens. If you are found, treat the disease quickly. Other micro-organisms that can affect it through associated lenses can be fungi and nutrients, but although they are more sustainable to treatments, they are less aggressive to pseudomonas. This stick letting out an enzyme that removes your hereditary virus at a speedy speed t"said the marine scientist."

The doctors told Llinás that a boy younger than the previous week had gone to the same clinic with the same problem. "They had to bring his eye out. The doctors warned me that if the pessimistic didn't finish all my sweetheart, I would lose the eye also, "said the patient, Juan Antonio Durán de la Colina, that this is a heavy situation, but indeed that is a sad situation. T They do, and they do. ”They happen.” eyes which are injured by an active disease allow the germ inside the eye and completely destroys it"

Half of the view missing

In a clinic where Llinás was treated, a pharmacy was installed and, as a result, they put together a special antibiotic. "I had to apply half an hour in the first day. We were able to kill the pessimonas before he finished speaking the Cornish language. For seven or eight months I can't spend related lenses. My school looked white when I was curing the cormorant to leave the disease.

After this issue, Beatriz lost quality of life. The surviving croft is slightly above a pupil's head. For this reason, when light hits its right and its school contracts, most of the room it lives in and it can't be seen. The doctors believed that 30% of the loss of vision was tolerated first. “When I finished seeing the vision again, a doctor told me that the loss of vision was 50%, it could be worse, they could be mistaken for the loss. T the first time that there was a lot of light in it and the pupil seemed uncontrollable.

Llinás also missed the opportunity to develop its opportunity through operations. Doctors have warned him first, cornea should be made so that it would be possible to operate them.

New customs

"I was very upset with my communication readings. I need them for everything and always took them out and put them on. Since this has happened to me, I tell everyone that it won't happen to them, "said Llinas.It is very important for hands to be washed before the contact lenses and other fixtures and fittings are reviewed.

Durán agrees with Llinás. He believes that the use of contact lenses is very broken and that he warning that pollution of lenses is dependent on the cleaning measures put in place. "The packets must be changed once a month, to keep them out of the rods. The risks of disease get bigger when you use clovers without life orders, when someone makes them heavy or hurt and, of course, when you are sleeping with their contact lenses. "

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