They'll find a way to do; Smoking could be encouraged to stop smoking


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(Caracas, November 25. News24) – – Images of people who suffer from people who can smoking or notwithstanding a person who is a victim; Smoking causes firefighters to eliminate this damaging use of their health, according to a survey published this week in the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

In experimentation, researchers at the University of West Ontario (Canada) decided to replace the negative effects of tobacco on their body. featured in a pack of cigarettes, with images of antitrodes.

There were 156 smokers in the investigation, and two packages were shown by the same word (This is how people see smokers & # 39;), but with different pictures. In the first one, the pack of cigarettes was shown by an image of people with a neutral word, and in the second one, people showed that they were. litter feeling.

The test showed that when they saw the second image, smokers felt a shame and a smile; show an interest in smoking abduction.

However, The authors of the work stressed that this way could not be completely attentive, as it can place more emphasis on those who can not stop smoking. For this reason they suggest that more surveys are needed in this respect.

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