They'll lose almost $ 700 million since the bolt was broken


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For bitcoin, its main funding funding, the weekly reduction is almost 23 per cent. In full terms, the fall dropped around 1,300 dollars

The major crisis in 2018 is to decline its & suffering from the worst week to date. In terms of its bitcoin (the most important cryptocurrency), the fall per week is almost 23%. In full terms, the fall dropped around 1,300 dollars.

Bitcoin will do more than 4% and its & # 39; go to $ 4,000 per unit, long & long; Most of the rest of the terrorist cryptocurrencies are also Friday, and # 39; Increase the Bloomberg Galapto Index Index decline to 25% in past days. This is the worst five-day run since the cryptomania began in early January.

After the last year's statements, which exceeded the growth of large-scale history bubbles (tulips, technology or the South Sea Company), the cryptocurrencies suffer from a fall of almost 700,000 million dollars of dilution and that does not; showing healthy signage.

Many of the fears that cause the 2018 fall (such as the audit and expression of intense rulers, disagreements within the community of digital money and chaos) have been involved this week. Although most of this digital asset is a loss of more than 70%, Stephen Innes of Oanda has not yet given evidence of a contribution that has been made. It is recommended that a floors come to a & # 39; this market.

"There are still many people in this game", explains Innes, a key negotiation for Asia Pacific in Oanda, on a telephone from Singapore to Bloomberg. If the bitcoin "falls, if we start to see a sales wave to $ 3,000, this will be a monster, running investors to leave".

Innes argues that The media based setting is the bitcoin product between 3,500 and 6,500 dollars in the short term, with the ability to fall to $ 2,500 in January.

According to data from Coindesk, bitcoin will fall by 4% to $ 4,250 today. Other digital funds such as Ether, Ripple and Litecoin will fall up to 4.8%. The market value of all cryptocurrencies has been followed by has gone to 138,000 million, compared to the 835,000 million dollars that came to play in market rates in January.

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