Thibault Garcia has a feeling with Jessica Thivenin himself!


For a while, Jessica Thivenin is not often at home and leaving Thibault Garcia alone. He will connect the programs with the Marseillais.

Only for 5 days Jessica Thivenin is to return to France. So Thibault Garcia is alone. Any unity that the young person was getting fast on Sharpchat. Let's tell you everything!

Thibault Garcia has a feeling with Jessica Thivenin himself!

Jessica Thivenin is back to French Land. She is coming to attack her future book. However, an Asian Marseilles Tour will be distributed sooner. The last ones will have their first appearance of the show. She is not so plentiful at home, who leaves Thibaut Garcia often alone.

The young person was alone on Snapchat. He is without his wife and two dogs. "A woman who left Paris, with a dog left in the colony. Solo, pipe alone. I just dreamed I had tattoo spirits and did not; I can remove the rest. So I had a tattoo of spears. Without life I have decided to guide. " said Garcia Thibault. But tell himself, Jessica will return to her soon at the end of the week!

Jessica Thivenin returns to her & # 39; praising marriage

The young woman has been faced with her in recent times. But the year ended in beauty with a marriage proposal from Thibault Garcia. Although they wanted to keep it secret, they attended a fan without knowledge but shared itself on social networks.

Jessica Thivenin has returned to one of the most beautiful times of life. In an interview that was given at 20 minutes, she says: "We wanted to keep this for ourselves. It is very interesting that people who gave us a video of this moment, but the best memories in our head. He told me," I have a little secret to tell you, " and after we were laughing because he was so silly. "

In addition, the two lovers married at the French Consulate in Dubai, where they live.