Thieves and pizzerias shows: Francesco Amato's sons were arrested. VIDEO – Reggionline


Distribution – An interesting prophecy in searching attempts to erase and delete; Fighting against four pizzerias between Reggio and Cadelbosco Sopra. The carabinieri was driven in prison three brothers, son of Francesco Amato, the person, who was already convicted in the & # 39; The Aemilia Process with the Mafia group, which was held last November is banned within the Post Office of Pieve Modolena, holding five staff for five o'clock.


"Amato was ready to fight to take control in Reggio Emilia, but to do so they had to go". This Antonio Valerio regretted in the informal confirmation made during the final hearing of Aemilia's trial. Only the pastures that were burned in the past days against the two pizzerias, in Cadelbosco Sopra and Reggio, have not yet been achieved. A signal could come from hearing evidence about the three brothers arrested by Amato, who came to an end in the # 39; jail when they tried to stop them because of them; They were suspected of being tied to the statements that were disturbing four local residents in Reggio.
Mario, Cosimo and Michele, each one of whom is less than 30 years old, the sons of Francesco Amato, who were first convicted in an Aemilia test at the age of 19, who were accused of being part of the society. ndranghetistica & # 39 ;; The man who sent a knife with a knife, last November 5, was converted into the Pieve Modolena Post Office to a & # 39; held for five hours of artwork for five hours. The three brothers went into the home at Via Rinaldi in Cavazzoli, and brought them to Pulce away from former substitute Isabella Chiesi, after the house search.
Released after a film review; Reggio's warning was high. The concerts were first excavated against the pizzeria and the Pearl & # 39; of Cadelbosco Sopra, on January 31, then, on the night between Wednesday and Thursday against Piedigrotta 3 by Emilia Ospizio. The owners also received a ticket with requests for money and threats. So two other rooms appeared, and they ended in the crosses: the Paprika and the Piedigrotta 2, between San Maurizio and Ospizio. There were no marks, in those cases, but the tickets were found with the bids.
Depending on what has been learned so far, the images of the video inspection cameras or bullets can be directed by the analysts to Amato's brothers. Context, one in which the three would have been working, which, as well as its move, should be clarified and achieved. Mario, Cosimo and Michele Amato are defended by lawyer Franco Beretti.

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