Think of many about helping you lose weight? There will be a single-day brain that burns the same number of calories that will; run for half an hour


Do you sometimes feel tired of a & # 39; think a lot? If someone is having a smile or a & # 39; worrying their mental interaction to & # 39; suffer them, notice it, because in fact the brain can burn enough calories during a day, in a similar figure to run for half an hour.

According to El País, you will not be tired of exercise, but you will burn about 350 calories a day for the simple thinking. This will refer to an adult with an average weight brain, about 1,400 grams, and about 70 kilometers.

The research professor of the Scientific Council for Advanced Research (CSIC), Javier DeFelipe, told the media that "the human brain represents about 2% of body weight, and its & Including 20% ​​of oxygen and glucose to body ".

"In a basal state, the brain can eat about 350 calories in 24 hours, that is, 20% of what we usually spend every day," said the brain. Professor of the University of Granada and the researcher at the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center (CIMCYC), Ignacio Morón.

In this regard, DeFelipe says that, although all physical energy processes need, "the brain is the organ that uses its power". This is because it is used consistently and does not trigger its activity at night.

According to Moron, in the brain "it is thought to be green cases [donde se encuentran los núcleos neuronales] to use more energy than the white object [cuya función principal es la de transmitir la información], and this is likely, among other things, to the large number of synapses and mitochondria of green material, with the fact that white things, with design, are more effective and more efficient ".

Energy energy consumption is variable

DeFelipe says that the energy consumption of the brain is not always the same. "When you are in a normal way, as when we walk down the street to think about our things, the spending may not be smaller, the feeling that is not Any place of the brain is more active than others, "he says.

This is supported by Morón, who is a hindering it, for example, a scientist with more administrative cost, and considering the different facts they make; study or analyze.

In this regard, he emphasizes "that it is the intellectual activity, more than the transaction or its own, which determines its energy cost, and it can be more energy saving at administration ".

"One hour of intensive intellectual work is to carry the same energy for one hour of intense physical work," he says. And, when he is passing, he says he works under pressure, or that your headteacher is in a position; hitting to finish your work later, and it also helps to do it; increase this process.

Imagine sick?

If you read this, think that you can sit quietly in the chair and think about everything and lose weight, you're wrong. Why not think, it laments stress, so it's. Getting out and doing physical activity.

"Clearly, I do not think to lose weight, and maybe I think while they're walking strongly or using," a & # 39; finalizes CIMYCC leader Andrés Caetana.

So no, because you're thinking well, you do not want to; lose weight. So Sheldon Cooper is not shaky for thinking too much, however what he wants to read minds and thus do a lot of the brain's energy energy.

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