Thinking about giving Amazon Amazon or Home Google? Read this first


As you can see in every advertising shop advert today, smart home appliances are everywhere. You can find out about silent speakers, smart shoes and tiny doorstones.

Despite this, smart home output can be smart; Feeling fear is scared because there are many things. Does their team have Amazon, Google, or Apple? What tools do they already have?

A prestigious home appliance can be a great gift, as long as you go to; Do your homework first. Do not worry though. In this guide, we will cover the correct questions you ask, and the key facts you know before you cost.

Which smart gadgets make great gifts?

Smart home products run gamut from excellent speakers and internet-enabled displays, to simple backpack ovens, and coffee makers.

Among the things that enjoy it & # 39; Most people who enjoy today are:

If your giftee does not have any smart home content, start with a brilliant speaker, such as Amazon Echo Dot ($ 30 at Amazon) not Google Home Mini ($ 49 at Google Store)Post-Office Both provide a small room up, but come with the same features as their full-size peers.

10 of the best things you can do with Amazon Echo

Everything you need to know Google Home

Speaker who works best with Google or Amazon? It is an important idea before giving a gift.

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Amazon not Google?

Choosing the right left speaker to give his gift; Starting to appear if they need bills with Google and Amazon, services that you get for donations.

Do they have an Android phone and / or use Google for email, calendar, maps and more? Google Home ($ 129 at Crutchfield) Speaking is well suited and based on being easy because they already have a Google account.

If you're buying a smart speaker for someone who's a? Amazon stores often, Echo speakers are the best option. They can be used to buy items from Amazon, and many more.

The kind of smart home information you get will also depend on your phone. A specially connected home appliance may also have an Android device against the iPhone (Amazon $ 1,199)Post-Appearance may include a barrier or features that may have one version of an application.

There may be even Android or iOS applications. For example, the Motif Mentor smart coffee scale has no Android app (iOS only). And smart WinkBed has a well-functioned Android app, although the iPhone software is very stable.

Check out what type of phone your guardian is your gift. Then confirm that compatible and inexpensive software is currently available for your smart home appliance.

It is best to buy a gift that's going to; Play well with already existing prestigious devices in the home.

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Ask what's already at home

You may already have an Echo speaker or Google Home. They can find out what they already have help by choosing the right gift.

For example, they say they already have a number of Amazon speakers, and possibly fire TV. By giving them ring-rings Ring, the way forward. Due to the fact that Amazon is the brand, and it is tightly hugged into the platform of connected materials.

There is a case against people with different Google Home tools, and # 39; including Nest teatostat. In that case, it's their favorite push; there.

Glossy light bulbs are much more morning. Their best companies, Philips Hue and Lifx, work with systems in each camp.

However, some light systems – Philips Hue and Lutron – want different internet centers to work. If a center like this is already located at home, the light of the light will be the best way. To learn about the tools that work with others, check out our nifty home-based productive graphic matrix.

The Google WiFi is a great choice of network network riders.


Think about their home network

A fast home appliance is connected to a bad home that uses a lot of Wi-Fi. Make sure you have a special network that you want a gift.

Even Echo is not basic or Google Home Mini to & # 39; running DSL slowly in the games. The same is true for weak signs in long crops or high ground.

If you know that the person you are buying is to be interesting about tidy home appliances, Getting new ones, consider giving them a Wi-Fi system. They complete home-placing with a strong Wi-Fi signal, so that they can All reliable devices need reliable connection to work. Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi is the two systems that we want.

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