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Recently, one man told Ninh Binh about the "molting" tour in 2 years that was a surprise to the people.

It not only seems to be looking more impressive but with efforts, the hard work of the two stories is the story of two young boys: Dao Van Tuan and Le Thanh Binh. Their “successful fleet” has grabbed people over the past.

Was a boy Ninh Binh injured by hitting as a pencil t

The amazing changes at the scene have undoubtedly been 2 of guys Ninh Binh and Tien Giang - 1

Dao Van Tuan used to be very self-confident about his face with big eczema

One of the Notable competitors in The Face 2018 is the Dao Van Tuan office worker. But, to do this, this is a struggle of effort as it was very shiny, he has a lot of opposition on his face.

Share Dao Van Tuan that he was in the past, well gone, because: “From my child's face I had a huge disaster. When I went to school, he was expelled by the teacher because I didn't think I had washed his face. In the new year, I couldn't go to the New Year because the black face was bad. The fort is also unhappy, and then I grow up and see my mouth speaking and looking, my eyes are looking at it, and some people say that it is I have an eel eye to see Eczema, looking at the surface.

These difficulties present Dao Van Tuan's life very difficult. First off, he graduated from Hanoi College of Business College with a good degree, but he didn't want the job as the employer was afraid he would go after him. It was difficult to apply for a permanent employee as this work was not highly regarded.

Secondly, bad communication also affects communication. Van Tuan almost never speaks to other people so there aren't many friends. "Where am I going, what am I spending, I wear a mask, especially a bus. Every time the car has to remove the mask to take control of it. T and I'll look at the ticket. said the priest.

The amazing changes at the scene have undoubtedly been 2 of guys Ninh Binh and Tien Giang - 2

When serving The Face 2018, Van Tuan was praised by netizens for Western beauty

2 years ago, when he was working, there was a sum of money, Van Tuan started to tackle the gymnasium to improve his body. At that time, he weighed about 53-54kg, at this time 70kg. The great irritation meant that he was not actually going to the gym as other people, and he had to get back to weight training at home. As well as using a heavy weight, it works hard to move its stomach and push against the push.

Ninh Binh's boy remembers: "I'm not trying at all, because of the bad side I was scared to go to the gym. I did my own mental exercise at home. Every day I went back to work t I went to the acapuncture clinic for a while, I have just taken lobster and cured Melaleuca, about a year or so, it is better.

The amazing changes at the scene have undoubtedly been 2 of the guys Ninh Binh, Tien Giang - 3

Van used a turtle at home to improve her physique, from 53kg to 70kg

When the thing grew gradually, 1 year ago, Van Tuan also decided to do a plastic surgical operation to make his face better. He did eyelid surgical work, a nose load and a general inclusion of race. But, a hot boy thinks: “If I don't use it, chances may be as bad as it is today. Going to the street, many people were appealing to me for being a French hybrid. Going to class, some girls are sad to ignore Tuan. old days. "

The amazing changes in the wonderful beauty of 2 boys Ninh Binh, Tien Giang - 5

Before and after beautiful images of Dao Van Tuan

Following the remarkable "development" Van Tuan has found his career as a game of photography. Sharing the common cost of expensive cosmetic surgery, he said: “Not bad for people who need it. If you are beautiful, one will try when I share. is negligent that you are choosing the basis of beauty that cannot be trusted or bad. "

Now, Van Tuan is thrilled with his face and figure, and he doesn't want to do anything. It will focus solely on recreation to achieve the mass provision by holding 6 sessions / weeks, mixing food sufficiently, delaying ordinary people.

The wonderful changes which made the wonderful scenery come true 2 guys Ninh Binh, Tien Giang - 6

Near the beautiful Dao Van Tuan face

Tien Giang youth is as handsome as an amateurs after her beauty

The Tien Giang boy – Huynh By 1994, Thanh Binh (born in 1994), was thrilled because his teeth were avoided. His nose was low and the figure was small. However, that changed after being aware of and working.

Talking of the bad weather Thanh Binh was divided: I certainly didn't want to remember 23 years. My friends were nearing me. I felt fun about it. Indeed, I was pregnant for a long time. " T

Thanh Binh is hurt by the fact that the intention has changed long ago. After graduating from university, 9X ensures funds and research into a plastic surgery. When he had sufficient financial capacity, Binh implemented the plan immediately. He made the biscuits, snouting and shoe making with a total cost of VND 82 million. In particular, braces are only responsible for 50 million dong.

As well as changing faces, 9X Tien Giang also works hard to gain weight, growing in the body shape. In the past, Binh's body was thin because he ate just two food, he gave breakfast. But now he keeps three meals and two school meals a day, linking the teaching units where he is free.

The wonderful changes which have made the wonderful scenery come true 2 guys Ninh Binh, Tien Giang - 7

How the face changed in the face of wonderful beauty 2 boy Ninh Binh, Tien Giang - 8

Thanh Binh changes constantly after face-to-face repairs and pressures

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Thuy Vi spent billions of preparation as she had.

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