Third parties in disorder: We carefully considered applicants outside their complaints – 01/01/2019


In the national Government and in the Buenos Aires department every bet to politics to show how it was before the autumn. Mauricio Macri vs. Cristina Kirchner. No, according to the official libretto campaign, "the future" vs. "The history".

In that situation they warn them there is not too much space for now For the central route to be called Sergio Massa in 2015. "There was no place before or now," says an officer with access to surveys. The Government is feeling comfortable with her; meet and polarization with Kirchnerism. They assume that Kirchnerism is best to have a & # 39; fight Macrismo rather than each other. "We do not want it, the offer can not order the election application; it is the other", they will resume in the Office of the Chapters.

However, the options in the election electors are multiplied. In the Alternative Federal they will place candidates with different profiles. Inside that group, Sergio Massa and Juan Manuel Urtubey are the ones with the greatest potential for pro-government elections. "It's like a trout copy; people want the source", chicanea one of the strategies of María Eugenia Vidal.

In Cambiemos, they ensure that both the Renewable Face leader and Salta's regulator are Producing a different version in a larger or lesser degree with a vibration of the two major campaigners in the election. "Massa is more like Cristina and Urtubey more like Mauritius", they think.

Different agents are not the only ones who are looking through policing. José Luis Espert's media player has already decided to play. Until this year, the philosophy of the "libertarians", as they say some of their fans, was identified within Change, as it seemed that they were likely to run the right government at the center of the political field.

Now the biggest estimate if the economist hit points, he will harm Macri again na Cristina Kirchner. Others, more interesting, were betting that the STEP could work as their first visit and that "Espera" could get "the two points" to go over to change in the general election, which does not have macrismo a & # 39; hopefully – according to surveys of Isonomía that they say they will set out in the first round with 42 points against 30 of the old president. A optimistic poster to a program, who does not agree to most of the showcases.

Espert, in another amount that the office is responsible for, is & # 39; contribute to 5 points. They are almost The only numbers Florencio Randazzo received in the legislation of 2017 where Stake Bullrich opposed Cristina Kirchner. Now in the Casa Rosada state that voters of an old minister within Cristina had not voted for the old president if Chivilcoyan's head had not appeared.

More on Espert's right, he is for example of the PRO in Congress. The deputy Alfredo Olmedo, who is 11 years ago to maintain statutory roles and now to; connect the Cambiemos interfaces, continue to & # 39; emerges as an outside party of traditional politics and wants growth as a local statement on his victory to Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. In the Government for now it does not make it bigger.

It is a polarization paradise that everyone talks about voters divided into more or less than a third. It is one Government solid vote. There will be another vote for Cristina Kirchner in any situation and three, independent ones will turn to one or the other in the heat of the economy. In Casa Rosada, in fact, they are Exposure that Cristina creates more incredible than the President.

"We should be careful not to be too hard with Massa so they can take the voters," said one of the officers who co-ordinate a selection engineering that ; Think about how they will continue to send voters among the fans of the FR director. "It's hard, because We have already given everything we can"he says.

There was an old minister – with bold confidence in the opportunities of his / her governing party – a & # 39; celebrated each time he could in the dark room There are only ravioles not melanese. There will be no room for a new offer in the menu.

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