Third Ronaldo's controversial painting


Third Ronaldo's controversial painting

Painted "Secret of Cristiano" TvBoy days to complete. The most important part of the picture is the hard drive of Cristiano Ronaldo as skipper as boxers. But the picture is a lot of eyes when you go through painting the bow-colored frozen pants.

Many people have questioned the real ambitions that TvBoy intends to install the other color pants; there? Bow-arch colors are a symbol of LGBT people, and many people believe that TvBoy means it's over Ronaldo.

After moving to Juventus in the summer of 2018, Ronaldo receives great love from the country's pasta fans. Mario Stefanini, 70, and long-term Juventus fans have died.

According to customs in Italy, a poster will be printed and placed in the town of Fornaci di Barga, near Lucca, Tuscany, to inform Stefanini to go to a large crowd of friends and neighbors.

It does not make much difference if the poster does not; mentions Cristiano Ronaldo: "Mario Stefanini, called Il Doro, has died at the age of 77. The funeral will be held on Saturday." Instead of taking flowers, visit Ronaldo. "

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