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Why? Francisco Martirena Auber
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In a deeper emergency, a national business market sells 40% smaller toys for the commercial department during Christmas and Christmas parties, and has a stock of goods less than Children's Day, which will take place on August 17, 2019. From the Argentine Room series of the Toy Industry, it was clear that it was different from September to November, falling 40 years in units delivered annually.

"As a result of this complex context as a result of recycling, some of the factories have stock for the next day of children"The sale of the toys department in Argentina has been implemented in three special dates that focus around 95% of the total number of the year: Children's Day, Christmas and the Kings.

"After the small events of Current Seasons (+ 0.5% in units) and Day of Children (1%), There are no good expectations for this Christmas"he said Matías Furió, president of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry. But not only does stock have more household content but also include recording materials.

Before the first one "picture" of the dollar at the beginning of May, there was a 45% increase in exports in the period April-April compared to the same period of 2017, it has generated more money on foreign market products and, therefore, "they are now selling", said Furió.

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