This famous Hakano Telegraf computer has over a million computers


For now, only one solution is there to protect yourself against the attackers

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It seems that everyone who has a laptop Asus is a major problem, which the company has confirmed.

Asus said his laptops had been attacked, and they would work on solving this problem.

And everything started with the grasslanders getting away with the company's apps service to install bad software.

This information was sent to a Kaspersky security company and they added that passengers were getting the latest opportunity from Asus Live Update. – the delivery of software apps to Asus computers and, therefore, the possibility to install "secret doors" on desktop computers and laptops throughout the world.


According to data, this software, called ShadowHammer, is on the way to finding a million Windows computers over a period of 5 months.

Fortunately, the attackers attacked a small number of devices, in more detail, 600 of them.

The very poor self-powered software was tidy and they had the right Asus digital certificates, and even owners tried to make the same size as the original to prevent a person from being suspected of t about anything.

By targeting a small number of computers, the virus was held on radar.

For now, Asus computer owners have the same advice to update their live updates.


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