This GoPro for Your Dick is Ridiculous


Remember that a dog video of the dog wears a GoPro camera on his throat and is pushing gently towards the sea? If you have forgotten this, again:

Now think about this video, but it's a dick, and GoPro has no collar but with a cocktail. That's the idea behind the Cock Cam, “the first cocktail ring in the world by camera” which was created by UK sex suit company Julz.

“Cock Cam” is a generic sexy toy which allows you to record all the wonderful times at any time, without seeing and watching videos on your mobile device with the App Secure Mobile, by creating bring your home videos to the next level, ”according to his website. It costs $ 159.95, and can record a video in a night vision and HD video, up to 90 minutes at 1080P, 15 frames per second.

When the video promoter for the Cock Cam started, I thought the video for the result was running a roar: lots of percussion guns and a sparkling voice about “doing your favorite” t Man packing a parachute and winds over a cliff. I was watching for the “skip ad” competition and there were none.

Then the man jumped and suddenly the camera changes to a view from a dildo perspective between his legs. I look down the foot of this plow, obviously the pinnacle of it as it travels through the air.

No other promotional video on the Cock Cam YouTube channel is so exciting, aggressive, but it gives a better idea of ​​how this item works on a penalty:

This is not the first time companies have been thinking that cameras on people's rubbish are a quick idea. The Svakom Siime Eye, a dildo with a camera, could easily be found to reveal sensitive information. But the Cock Cam website promises to be secure in its app and device.

“All the films are stored directly to your mobile device,” the website says. “Your movie is never kept on the App, the app is used to run the camera and see the film only. Check your mobile device security policies, data is not stored on the app or any cloud storage. ”

But as we learned in 2017 when Motherboard managed to manage and control the We-Vibe species through the Tor network, it's not that hard to do.

There's also a question about whether a camera is a good idea, including batteries, running a HD video, to a dick you have up. The Cock Cam page page notes that the camera can start to warm up when it's used for a long time. I can only pray that they have put this test on you.

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