This hotel is asking you to sleep in a coffin just to make you dream of the night – online news – cnBeta.COM


The hotel, as a friend who travels regularly in the field, can be very familiar. You can enjoy a variety of unique styles all over the world, but I think this hotel is uncertain. This hotel is in Niigata, Japan, known as Dream House.From its shape, it is a very lively hotel. But the hotel has a slightly different regulation. The hotel has only four rooms, which is red, blue, green and purple. The color of each room is very different.

There is no bed in this hotel, a Japanese classic tatami, and a piece of furniture similar to the coffin in the place, and even the owner of clothes.

At the same time, if you broke at that night, writers will be asked to write a dream into a black book. And you can still see the dreams that the people have previously listed. Some of these things are normal and some are good, and it is not possible to say that there is a lot more.

The hotel has two floors, one for food and washing, and the second is for sleeping. At the same time, in the hotel room, there is an obsidian that helps sleep, so you can quickly sleep. (But you need to jump the jump)

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