This is a bit hot for the female noblemen, Lee Jong Hyun's suspicion at CNBLUE shows Lee's character in Seungri's case.


Following the continuation of Seungri's development, Lee is suspected of being a younger group called Big Bang as a Chinese freelance Lee Jong Hyun – a member of CNBLUE. It is said that Lee Jong Hyun's series of adventures is affecting the chest of an elite girl from another organization.

The registered photograph shows that Lee Jong Hyun (who wears a green shirt and watch hands) tries to catch the male-son's bad chest.

Lee Jong Hyun is represented as a regular male player at night clubs and clubs. This elegant series of paintings by Lee Jong Hyun became Lee's character in the Seungri sex group, but also changed secret clips, mentioning the girls. T

The heated female idols of Lee's so-called idyllic Lee Jong Hyun are described as one of the most elusive characters in Lee's existence.  T
The wits of the female female idols, especially Lee Jong Hyun at CNBLUE, are suspicious of Lee's character Seungri - Picture 3.

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