– This is a difficult day


Erna Solberg (H) and Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp) announced today that the second one is taking away as a Minister of Justice.

Wara confirmed that it was easy for him to go inside.

– My family is my most important thing. They've been there for me in a thick and thin hole, and now I will be there for them. I want to thank the many political opponents, the media and others have recently shown my family. For me this is Norway at its best.

Vedum: – Sad

Earlier in March, Police Security Service Anaila Bertheussen arrested and accused her of committing an offense. Her husband, the Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara, was surveyed after a judge in Oslo District Court considered the evidence.

– I am going against the political work with Tor Mikkel Wara, but it is difficult for me to get rid of a situation like this. He attends Wara to honor him that he is going to care for the family, saying Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, a party leader in the party's party, to Dagbladet.

Hans Andreas Limi, a parliamentary director in Frp, tells Dagbladet that he is feeling with Tor Mikkel Wara and the family.

– I have a good understanding of its choice to make. It is very difficult. Tor Mikkel is one of the best goals, says Hans Andreas Limi, who has been a close friend and partner partner Tor Mikkel Wara from the 1980s.

Erna Solberg was concerned

Today, PST has been suspected of Bertheussen for all the dangers associated with Wara and Wara's housing.

– Following a comprehensive assessment based on technical evidence, PST have modified Bertheussen's status from being suspected in all cases, except the one to which she is already charged, PST writes the press release.

At least five threat incidents have occurred against the family home.

Lene Vågslid, the leader of the Labor Party in the Justice Committee of the Storting Committee, says she sees the decision of Tor Mikkel Wara to take up his position as Minister of Justice.

– I understand that this is a very difficult time for himself and his family. I hope the government will put forward a lasting justice minister as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the crime and victim suffering sector has often suffered from limited continuity and ministerial changes. After all, the security and emergency enforcement is the responsibility of Erna Solberg on Lene Vågslid.

– A sad day

Geir Jørgen Bekkevold, vice-chair of the KrF group board at the Storting, believes that it is difficult that Tor Mikkel Wara is withdrawing.

– Frp has now had a justice minister that has worked very well. KrF was very honored for the work that Wara has done. I understand that it was difficult to continue in the situation in which he was described, saying Geir Jørgen Berrekkold.

Bård Hoksrud, the vice-chairman of the board of Frp in the Storting, believes that Norway's politics were a bad day.

– Tor Mikkel is a talented politician who has worked hard as a minister of justice. I think everyone understands that this is a difficult day when he chooses to go. But I also understand the decision of Tor Mikkel to look at the family, that is his main meaning, Bård Hoksrud says.

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