This is a symbol of the controversial dress that inspired the Trump wall in the Grammys


trumpet wall
Image: instagram
  • The Trump Wall is one of the most controversial suggestions made by the US government, due to its geo-regulatory importance.

  • During the Grammy Awards, various personnel benefited from promoting brands, while others tried to make a complaint through their clothes.

  • The awards season will continue and with the opportunity for the media to place marks in a competitive market.

The geopolitical situation is at a certain time, since the messages of certain governments still block campaigners and promoters.

Some of these promoters have come into creativity to make the political message bigger.

An example of this is the African American American Joy, which went to the Grammy Awards decorated in clothes that simulated the Trump wall.

The proposal for building a wall on the northern boundaries of Mexico is the idea of ​​creating a number of objections and promoting people like a Villa.

This is not the first time clothes are made to & # 39; Encouraging the views of the government of Trump, in fact, the protests that are campaigners are going on.

The logo of Desi Designs is the one who was behind the design of the dress that has been on her. affecting clothing that ensures that he achieved his client's attitude.

The strategy behind the red flag

There is no detailed data on its impact; at the Grammy / Oscar red carpet, but there are conclusions about what they represent in marketing.

It is the biggest display for fashion messages, for its impact on social networks that mention the clothing of a particular personality.

One of the conclusions reached by the specialized media, the notices are paying famous people and stylists, because they are in a position; wear their clothes.

An issue that wondered this was released by Chanel, after his acting actress Meryl Streep announced for the costume of the brand in the 2017 Oscars.

The situation in which the messages that are detected in these events are proportional to the sense that they are; Achievement and that has made these holidays a huge profit.


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