This is a war: Fabio Agostini's truth is hanged for new casting to Rafael Cardozo | Light Heavy Extreme Picture 1 of 8 | Showing Farewell


Fabio Agostini offset from & # 39; This is war & # 39; after he was thrown Rafael Cardozo in full spread of truth. Gian Piero Díaz, a new driver of its program, asked the identifier & # 39; Galactic withdrawal from the competition program.

"Chau, Fabio, I have never allowed this type of situation, that's why you've stopped, and I will not listen to you any more … Let's go to the competition!" Díaz said, gives way to the place.

Ex-Mayra Goñi tried, for his, tried to defend himself but his attempts were without use and was removed from his program series. Far from appearing regret, the Spanish left behind her; laughter.

Initially, the disagreement was included Rafael Cardozo and to Austin Palao. However, Fabio Agostini It decided to make and translate a transit in a very aggressive way against Brazil.

Will the Spanish model return to the truth fair? It has published its program that it will be today; make a decision about Agostini.



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