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For years, science has given part of its resources for food and food research, because of the importance of what they eat for people. The logic thing is to think, after so many years, that a & # 39; question we would like to answer all of us: Which best diet does it lose weight (and does not get it behind)?

However, and despite the questions that have already been answered, that is One of the people who are not clear yet. The obstacles and problems that you encounter when making a food search are one of the main reasons why some questions have not yet been resolved. Among other things, when research is very difficult to keep very strict control that the topics follow the instructions you gave them. In addition, it is very difficult to endure long. This affects the results of the searches.

What's not known

That is why some of the doubts are still resolved and the results of the surveys are often tangible or incomplete.

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1. Which is the best diet

This is the biggest doubt of all and one of the remaining questions. Some research shows that low carbohydrate diets are not just a & # 39; most effective when it comes to losing weight, but also to keep it later. However, others are not as clear and show that the number of calories is the most important. In particular, some research has found that low-fat diet is low and low in carbohydrates with the same number of calories that achieve the same weight loss.

2. There is a diet that is or is not, if you do not get a stress back

This is one of the mysteries so we need to wait for a science response. Some researchers are already working on, and investigating in which the partners will be working; It costs 13 weeks in a residential center so that researchers get more control over the number of calories they use, if they stick to the diet or not and The metabolic responses of the partners to each of the animals they are designated. We need to wait for the results.

3. Juice is the only person that is undergoing obesity

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We know that extra consumption of alcohol is linked to stress weight and obesity timetable. However, the researchers they are not clear that they are not the only one who causes them. Therefore, the impact of cereals and rash effects is moderate or, even, stroke at present. The idea is to reduce the consumption of extra sugar, but you know there is another food that is going on; affecting it and what things are there.

What you know

1. The relevance of the person making the diet

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It is unclear what type of food is most suitable for losing weight, but know what's in their impact is & # 39; depend dependently on their impact. In many of the studies carried out in this regard, it has been ensured – whether there are differences in middle weight between groups – there were always differences between organizations.

However, in the same group, with the same food and the same standards, people lose great pressure, people who miss many and people who even get a s. Indeed, much of this can depend on whether they comply with the diet issued, but Another part depends on the differences between humans.

2. A boy's diet does not mean that he is healthy

Diatures that significantly reduce calories, the wonderful diet known and some of the most delicious foods, can be seen. The emphasis is on losing weight at the outset, but it is true that many of us are completely unhealthy. Nthey can make you have nutrient deficiencies, causing us stress and, apart from that, they usually include important important effects.

At this time, researchers are totally agreeing to be the safest diet type for us which is based on limiting the ultra-process food consumption and is expected to use vegetables, vegetables and fruit as the basis of nutrition.

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