This is AN RAZBORNIK IZ ŽARKOVA, WHO YOU CAN ALSO STEP! He went in without a mask, struck a worker with a gun and then gave the money! | Black Chronicle


The police are looking for an unknown robber to steal two banks in the evening with a pistol threat, and he raised that event a bit more.

As the Courier learns, the robber happened about 13 hours. The suspected man jumped over the counter and shot the bank security officer with a pistol in the end.

Because of his robbery, he hadn't confirmed the money yet, and after stealing, he moved to Lieutenant-General Spasic and Mashar.

As we get out officially, it's the first piping target of Vozdovac's bank, and then the bank in Zarkovo.

picture: Courier

– It is interesting that the burglar went into the bank without food but was suspicious of his head. He walked in for any other client and pulled out a pistol immediately and asked for money from his staff. Staff alarmed the bank and requested them.

The thief went off with money – the person getting Kurir said he knew the matter.



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