This is how DC Comics recommends Stan Lee


The gift will appear in the first batch of comics around 2019.

One of the biggest losses was one; Last year, of course Stan Lee who died on November 12 after his health problems after the disease-disease fight, and # 39; leaving a large gap in the world of comics and the general anthology industry.

And while there is a strong competition between Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the Batman and Superman house have shown a good reputation for the Stan Lee. Celebrating a pleasing proposal for the creation of multiple characters (way ComicBook).

In the first batch of the comics for 2019, DC Comics will be able to; Include the publication that you can see below where you can read: "With their greatest respect from the famous Competition … Excelsior! In memory of Stan Lee. 1922-2018. "

DC Comics

It should be noted that Stan Lee also worked for a long time in DC Comics and was respected at the same time, since even he said to DC as "the famous Competition", as mentioned in the statement.

Stan Lee

In a short time, it was a good behavioral behavior due to DC.

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