This is how sharp awnings are: a & # 39; surrender and burn correctly


Duil, color, unstable: kitchen knives can suffer badly. Those who wash and go to; storing the nets wrongly going into trouble. How to handle the knives correctly.

Above, a knife needs to be the same thing: sharp. But ignorance or comfort often mourns the most important kitchens in the kitchen. The most important questions are the International Federation of Cuts and Households (IVSH).

Are the knives allowed in the brush machine?

However, high-quality kitchen knives, however, do not belong to the brush machine. After being burned, the damage is not visible – but anyone with whom the knife was washed from the machine for a year; confirming that he is getting bad. In addition, the hand can be proven, and gaps between the blade and the handle can arise.

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How is it going then?

Beckmann advises to steal the knives by hand – with some burning and warm water. It is important to take action after the cutting work has to be completed, because in particular foods like tomatoes and tomatoes will add to the blade. So, limescale stains do not arise, the knife is dried by a normal device, instead of drying dry.

How can I store kitchen skies?

It's best not to & # 39; holding a good knife in the drawer. As risk is higher at risk, you must come in there. On the other hand, the knife can also make damage in the drawer or in the rubbish box. The best solution for Beckmann is the magnetic strip, then the knife. The advantage of the strip is that you will see all the tiles right away – at the knife's battle you must recognize the knives on the hand.

Above the blades by swimming in the drawer.

How often and how do I allow the knives?

A professional cook boosts his knife every day, saying Beckmann. That private person would not have. With it, it's enough to destroy the knives once a week or every 14 days. The cut is then pulled across the sharp steel around five to ten hours at 20 to 30 degrees. It is important, in fact, only to pull the crops forward. Not the area If she could not scratch hard.

So, the dishes will not fall too fast, you should also use a suitable base for cutting. A soft board proposal will be made of wood or plastic. Glass and stone are on the taboo.

Can I also use a mobile knife activist?

You will not do anything wrong. But he compares and automates cameras: professional is a professional; The situation likes it. The most expensive thing in the kitchen knife, the less should be surrendered by a moving stick. Those who do not want to be accustomed to steel are sharp, Beckmann is offering their own advice in a specialist shop to handle them correctly.

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