This is how the cats will be cleared by each hymn


A team of researchers have investigated the languages ​​of six species of marsh and it appears that there is a variety of inputs in each papilla that is in a position; collect saliva from the mouth and spread it into the coat through the lic.

Cat languages ​​have papillae with an important role in breastfeeding.

Domestic cats sleep average of 14 hours per day, but when they awaken they will be awake. spend up to a quarter of their time to lie together to eliminate a pond, the remnants and rejuvenate of the hair that covers your body. (Read: It's not good hunters in cats, saying science)

The tongues are covered with hundreds of curved pointed fingers in the same side called papillae, who is responsible for sending such a connection to the & # 39; sinhueso According to a survey published this week in the magazine Events from the National Academy of Sciences, roofs have empty faces in these funny structures who is very much involved in feline preparation.

"It was checked on how to increase the number of the side if the cats are not cleaned and microscopic surveys were about papillae already. But we do not. The first one we got out is that the papillae hole who is involved in shouting, "said researcher David Hu, co-author of this work to Zinc.

Each formulation in the shape of "U" is responsible for saliva collection from the mouth and then spreading it with its; hair in the fluids. In particular, each of the holes can be stored up to 4.1 μL of saliva, equal amount equal to one tenth of the normal eye page hit. In addition to that, with each hymn, the tongue will put about 50% of the sound in its; coat to control the cooling and temperature of the body.

Papillae cats have empty faces that have saliva storage / ALEXIS NOEL

In this way, the help experienced by cat experts after hanging depends on the ability of the papilla to enter the skin to reach the skin. This explains why some domestic cats, comno Persian cats with long hair, have a hard time to start. (You can read: her first cat and only in age 55 years old)

"The papillae must reach the skin to spread the oil and its rest of the materials. Cat coats are too heavy for Persian cats to go over the papillae. Because they can not reach the skin, the cat will not be completely cleaned, "and add Hu to it.

In order to reach these conclusions, researchers, Alexis Noel and David Hu, recorded high statues of cats and legs together; using method of numerical tomography, as well as a tight power measure, to understand the device that is hidden behind each hymn. They also analyzed organisms of six different species marines -Gato montés, puma, irbis, tiger y leòman-, who built after his death.

Analysis of the language of six species

From the data obtained, authors of the shock survey have been inspired by language of cats. According to the researchers, this device may be useful for the deletion of cat and window windows. Submit lotions and medication on feline skin. Their benders also allow their legs to be easier, which is different from traditional refreshments. (Read too: The town of Sealan will kill your cats to protect their native birds)

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