This is how the LG V50 ThinQ looks like @evleaks


Evan Blass gives a picture on Twitter, according to the statement, and # 39; represents its highest model LG V50 ThinQ. The end of January said the LG V50 offered 5G support, as can be seen from the image.

It is anticipated that the LG V50 will be compatible with the LG G8 in conjunction with Mobile World Transport, start this weekend. Times Times reports that LG wants to get a & # 39; Saving a dedicated mobile phone business by focusing on 5G devices. LG will also say that the V50 will be available between March-April, and that it is too early to release a smartphone with a flexible screen.

The question is, however, how many measurements consumers will have about 5G in particular – especially when 5G smartphone phones appear to be much more expensive. In a Swedishroid survey, 49% responded to the fact that they did not have a 5G phone call in 2019, and only 5% felt it was a need; there. However, at LG Coron South's home market, 5Gs may be more likely.

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