This is how the most powerful camera in the world that illustrates the Boys' Walk works


Years ago there was a conversation in the world of megapixel war cameras. Commercial warriors in which manufacturers often expanded the purpose of their cameras for the most important reasons that should be done by advertising anything else. Although camera resolution is not so important, it's amazing when you reach figures of figures as high as 3.2 gigapixels.

Thanks to this huge decision, the camera is to be cataloged as the best in the world when it works. It will be used in the future Telesascop for Synoptic Administration, located in Chile, and is a small car. As they explained in Gizmodo, he liked to see the camera in his place; currently in Chile.

If someone is thinking about how to; An image device can be built in such size, in fact there is no detector. It is a sum of 189-megapixel sensors that are consistent with a full series. The purpose of this camera is to make a picture of the night's air throughout the southern hemisphere twice every night.

The camera makes a lot of data every day. According to estimates, around 15 terabytes are counted every night. What is a large number of hard cheats for home use. All this information will be transmitted by fiber optics and will be available to anyone who wants to consult it.

In fact, this camera's camera will be the same as the detailed pictures we made with a home tripod camera, as the image taken will be a large picture of a picture that will be combined with Software to create a hard-shaped image of the night sky. Although the sensors operate at the same time here.

This camera operation will be & # 39; Creating a lot of heat, making incomplete images. That's why 100 degrees are aware of 100 degrees under zero. Astrophotography is a great heat of the great enemy. Sensitivity heaters make mistakes in catching the image. What would be, according to the route, which happened when a photochemical film was used to record this type of image.

This is even a problem for nightclubs who are hanging out of their cameras with long long hours to go. capture as precise as possible. For when camera awareness is working for a number of fingers, or in a tight climate, unpopularities appear in the form of wild pics. This is why the cooling system of this gigantic chamber is essential to obtaining the correct scientific results.

The scientific objectives sought by this telescope, designed to start in 2022, will find the following; Finding topic and dark energy, watching small things in the solar system, such as near Earth asteroids and things away from the Kuiper Belt, Thanks to their extensive hunting events such as supernovas and mapping the Harbor Route.

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