This is how xCloud Project looks to move around. You can try pausing of the game in Microsoft this year


Project xCloud is displayed as the completion of Microsoft's plan with the Xbox brand: play your games where you want and from the device you have available. Imagine that is really good and looking even better.

By taking up a new place within Xbox, new information about this cloud game service has been provided, advanced in the same year, the public examination rates begin.

So, before you complete 2019 you can look at your own experience. That does a lot of feeling that Microsoft is fully aware of the suspicion of the game's loyalty not to rely on WiFi.

And, according to the exhibition, for the exhibition Forza Horizon 4 was shown through Project xCloud on the Android terminus.

And despite using Xbox control, it was previously suggested that solutions would be added to use of the conversation screens. So, what Microsoft's plans are for experiencing console?

We are developing xCloud Project not as a venue for play games, but as a means of providing the same variety and flexibility that music and video lovers today enjoy. We've got more ways to play the Xbox game.

The ability to support TV with 4K TV and a full complement of HDR audio and sound recordings continues to be invaluable, and continues to be a great way of accessing console games. We also believe in controlling your players when they decide how and when they play.

According to Microsoft, the xCloud Project system is doing Any studio company or company can change their games. T to join the service easily and without a sacrifice that can be played or viewed.

If we add to the extension of PS Now and the Google initiative to the Microsoft enterprise, it is clear that 2019 is the main year for the Streaming game.

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