This is my last Sanremo. Then he calls for her sister Mia Martini


Championship Loredana Bertè he went on air How long will it do in the program on 17 February. After the sadness for the podium lost at the Festival Sanremo 2019 (which has been asked for a special team of Domenica In), the singer has been in attendance; playing with the song that was taken on the dell rustic platform, "What do you expect from me?"After its performance, there was a short interview with Fabio Fazio, who also officially gave her double platinum for smash the summer "I will not tell you". Despite trying to & # 39; reaching its first three posts, the artist is satisfied with the amazing dedication of her audiences in the hall in the Festival: "It is the dream of each artist three sustainable exhibitions and stadium choirs at Ariston"Then, the proof that it will not rise again on that competitive level:

For me, it is the last Sanremo. Circle is closed. If you do not enter it to Topolinia and its Mickey management with its & # 39; Dachshund Band.

The handbag by Loredana Bertè: what's inside

With her own self-esteem, Bertè described the two aggressions that she had met at this festival: with twenty years of legs fun under the short and little rocks shoulder boy He has never been divorced (also spent at Che tempo che che). Regarding the previous ones, the confidentiality is a constant physical exercise: "I am doing two hours of exercise bicycles every morning and I have a diet, I have been preparing for & # 39; I'm Sanremo for three years! At the art school they stopped me with their feet, I was always in miniskirt"The minibag, however, is just something for that bodypack the transmitter connected to the phones in an ear, which addresses the & # 39; class to avoid simply sticking to the dress.

Dewar for Mia Martini

The crowd ended up with a great memory of her sister My Martini, which recently highlighted the "Io Sono Mia" biopic by Serena Rossi in the post of the late artist. "I participated in the script for the protection of Mimi. It was a real contribution; there", said Bertè, again to support the principal,"Serena Rossi worked incredibly, he studied for a year. When I put her in, I heard MimiI started to cry"Then, a series of repertory photographs, which Bertè moved to tears.

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