This is the best exercise for losing weight and muscles and health


Although many have tried, for a moment, the pill for the exercise is not to be replaced but a huge hint in the minds of a number of researchers all over the world, although it may be This is the most prescribed drug in history. At this time, the research that has diminished the exercise is based on being aware Which exercise is best for specific goals Like, for example, what exercise is best to protect the heart.

Now, a new study by Glasgow University, published in the magazine Experimental science, again to take care of him HIIT Exercises (TheIntermediate training) or intensive high-level training in terms of intense men. And, according to this research, HIIT would be using for six weeks in sessions of just 15 minutes enough to develop different metabolic parameters, so increasing muscle strength.

There is no intensive high level training or HIIT for everyone. It's about a short time where both heart rate as the ability to process oxygen through exercise or VO2 max they are at 80-90% of its ability, that is, in a range of large quantities and not everyone is well preserved. Although it is true that HIIT is proven to be an effective way of increasing caloric expenditure in a short time, some limitations are to be noted.

That said, in the current survey, the researchers tried to add this type of training to people overweight, with the aim of placing their results to larger groups with type II diabetes, usually suffering from excessive stress or obesity. In this case, their results have shown training in intensive high intensities or HIIT (15 minutes) It is so effective in improving insulin awareness such as long-term practices in bad exercises (45 minutes). In my opinion, those training can be accomplished by doing so. It requires a short time, although the authors do not mention the susceptible suffering; The general population is intense for those features.

Lowest insulin

When you talk about it insulin awareness, it should be noted that a hormone that is responsible for cleaning and introducing good blood sugar or "sugar" in the blood and into the violins: fragile produce to insulin (as in the disease sugar II type) high blood glucose levels, with long-term related problems, such as cardiometabolic diseases. His previous research suggested that exercise (45 minutes) would increase insulin awareness, but it was still not possible to have the same effect but short-term exercises such as HIIT.

In order to confirm the benefits of HIIT, researchers left ten tough people (with BMI from 25 to 30) and expressed them out Three-minute 15 minute HIIT training each weekfor six weeks. At each training session there were nine strength exercises (press press, no biceps curl), made at 80% capacity, and a series of "to fail" repetition (until they suffered, not b & They can play or any other recital).

According to the result, the size and strength of even volunteers, also expanded. Developing their insulin awareness up to 16%, with just six weeks of training.

Researchers suggest that muscle enhancement activities should be maintained regularly with the aim of being able to; The development of metabolic parameters, even in the form of HIIT type, was the case of the study. However, This work is not restricted: there were only 10 participants, all of them, all of them in a very heavy range; It is not known that women will not have a similar impact, and the developments are less likely to be in a range of normal BMI, or in areas of obesity. Therefore, researchers believe that more work needs to be done to reinforce their results.

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