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Mummy appears to be right: When you're cold – dream is the best medicine.

German scientists have discovered how the dream develops the ability to organize to combat the cold. San, apparently, enhances the ability of some protective cells by a & # 39; improve their chances "luich" and possibly the destruction of cells with a virus.

Scientists have focused on the T cells that are known as infections with infections. When the T cell is in front of a cell with a virus disease operating the game protein integrin to allow us to accompany the virus; that chill.

They have shown that the degree of sleep, as well as the longest time of stress, is to achieve a higher level of hormone, It is likely that it will block the main setup that will; developing the perfect shoes.

"If you want your defense system to fight the attacks, give hours of essential sleep every night and avoid Stress Hard," said director of the research. Stojan Dimitrov from the University of Germany Tubingen.

Dimitrov and his team had to say that hormone, and # including adrenaline and noradrenaline or prostaglandins, making the stial protons more rigidly by turning to a & # 39; main change.

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To confirm this confirmation The cells were diagnosed with cells of cytomegalovirus (CMV). Cells T should ask for cells that are CMV and destroying. However, when human cells are mixed with hormonals in occupational situations, their ability to grasp the protein was down.

To understand the extent of those people hormone is reduced during sleep, The study included ten volunteer volunteers to spend a night; sleeping in the laboratory and two weeks later in the wake-up state of the night at the same laboratory. All volunteers were taken by CMVSouth Westerly

"We found healthy volunteers good on CMV because they usually have high bloodj antigen-specific cells"said Dimitrov.

This meant that scientists have no problem in it Cell volunteers get T cells that attacked CMV, said a team for the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

During the night they slept unusual catastrophe, so scientists could take blood samples without resisting the respondents' dreams.

They compared T cells that were collected in the evenings when the people were sleeping in the evenings in which they were; awaken and discovered, how they did; Expected, the levels of stress hormone would be in volunteers in the evenings they slept lower than during the night when they were awakening.

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Even more important, Cells T which was taken in the night when the topics that were sleeping and generates more knee protein to fight the virus than those taken in wild evenings, meant they were more powerful in fight against viruses.

Scientists have long been aware that bad loss affects protection, he says Luis DePalo from Icahn's Medicine School in New York.

"Many clinical checks have shown that people who do not sleep well or sleep enough have to be sick after having to show their / virus ", DePalo said.

The doctor appears: just this way you can protect a young child and prevent illness.

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