This is the cause of the divisions in Brad Pitt's relationship with one of his children


Angelina Jolie He has recently appeared secretly Brad Pitt who opened the faults in the act of the act with one of his children and left his marriage very much. According to a source of talk to Daily Mail, Malfica's son interpreted Pax's son father He never wanted to take it.

"Their relationship was destroyed, though it was Brad He has been refusal to say in particular, "said the source, which showed that the actor was" a huge responsibility "because Pax was only three years old and did not; He could speak English, and Shilleh, his first biological daughter, was less than a year old. At that time, Angelina would have responded to her husband: "Pax needs me more than Shiloh." The source raised that debate as one of the obstacles that put it close to the link and left the difficult things between them.

Just to this month, Angelina and Brad They reached an agreement when their six children were Maddox (17), Pax (15), Zahara (13), Shiloh (13) 12) and Vivienne and Knox couple (10). The couple decided to have a couple; Previously, to have a corporate and legal care department so that his & her; children are forced to pull them unexpectedly.

A few days later, another game was close to the actors with Hollyood Life, although there are no perfect things at all Troy interpreter and their children, Pax and Maddox, after the divide everyone gets on and who's on. children in a good place. Brad It has made a long way to repair its connection with its & # 39; his children, because things have been in conflict with them, especially after the event in the & # 39; plane in 2016 where the actor believes he hit Maddox, which his mother made. of the boy

Angelina applied for a divorce Ocean & Eleven Star Two years ago after the fight that was called unanimously at a trip from France to the US. A six-month-old mother sent papers describing inconsistent differences as the purpose and purpose; Tell a store near the couple of TMZ at the time that Angelina was confused about how Brad He was raising his children.

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