This is the "digital impact" that has been accessing an electronic factory to the country


As well as being 100% digital media, an electronic factory is accelerated to accelerate the digital format of companies, creating a "digital impact" in business. It is used to promote the automation and digitalization of the economic activity of companies and, therefore, of the whole country.

Alberto Redondo, Director of Marketing & Seers & # 39; says he has his first pine in the country to create a "digital impact" Digitalization digitization guidance and expand the relationship of its & company with customers and suppliers, accelerate acceptance of the exchange of electronic documents as well as electronic invoices.

In your opinion, for example, with the electronic invoice, the invoice generates authentic verification by the DIAN, electronically inserted and obtained electronically, records and post its information leaflet and go on to pay, it's a better process.

The "digital impact" of the speaker also enhances the relationship with his / her; company with its customers and its providers and accelerate acceptance of electronic newspaper exchange as well as electronic invoices such as contracts, orders, guidance guidance and a long number of other documents that go from paper to electronic format based on the strong channel created for electronic invoices.

"Colombian companies have been fully aware of this process, and the user must be viewed, that is, the company must give the invoice and it must be an electronic invoice that supports everything that is necessary to use its name and security, "to use", "and" Endondo ". The company needs to issue invoices and the work of the staff so that it is properly done and with the required security levels.

Another one of the "digital effects" needs to do the electronic invoice with security. The use of digital writing and credentials including abduction, and & # 39; Creating a culture of digital defenses in business.

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