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NASA's Parker Solar Probe is committed to sunscreen research (especially the atmosphere), and the latest strategic sporting way is the closest way to reel. ever. NASA just played a spectacular section of Parker's pictures: a & # 39; first photograph shot from ever before inside Corona na Grine.

"[T]It brings science data from the first sunshine just to # 39; Going to the sites of secret scientists, "NASA writes." It's a moment that many in the field have been waiting for years, and # 39; Thinking about what they do with the ever-before data, which is capable of throwing a new light on a star's physics, the Sun.

"Parker Solar Probe Photographs […] A new vision of the wind of the sun, will be a glimpse of how it is; grow as Parker Solar Probe travels through the sunshine. "

The above statue was captured on 8 November 2018, and Parker was approximately 16.9 million miles from the sun's surface. Just to mention, the 860,000-mile diameter, and the distance from Earth to the Sun, is about 91 million miles.

At the center of the frame there are at least two sets of sun material, known as coronal streams, commonly found in areas of increasing sun activity.

And the bright vision of light just visible under the stream? Without Mercury, the first planet from the sun.

Parker is as close to 4.3 million miles (6.9m km) from the sunrise, traveling as early as 430,000 miles (690,000 km / h) in the process.

(through NASA via Engadget)

P.S. On the one hand, Parker is the first NASA spatial spell named after a living person. The University of Chicago, professor of emeritus and fever Eugene Parker was honored. Based on a spaceship there is a cardboard containing pictures of Parker, 1.1 million person names, and a Parker 1958 science paper that was a leaving important things in sun physics.

Design credits: Illustration by NASA / Naval Research Laboratory / Solar Parker Park

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