This is the new SUV new from Mercedes


It was a wise decision when Mercedes decided to buy most of the company AMG back in 1999.

Since then the renowned Mercedes department has attended a number of heavy and rude models. And AMG's sales were no longer.

Mercedes has now released out pictures and latest intelligence from Affalterbach recently. It only extends a warm welcome to AMG GLE 53.

Initial verification

The new module is based on the fourth generation of GLE. We first saw falls, but the first edition of AMG is now complete.

In fact, with the 53 names of a tailor, it means that the car serves a good measure of power. In particular, 435 hp and 520 Nm. It is a 3-liter race box. This is fitted with an EQ Boost.

This means in practice that when a small electric motor is loading 250 Nm and 22 hp when needed. Read more about the new Mercedes breeding system here.

(The case is following below)

A strong attack is the first name. Now we are already thinking about how GLE 63 will be like this.

With well over 400 hp, the high SUV can handle 0-100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. The highest speed is restricted electronically to 250 km / h.

In other words, it is a real cabin phrase that we speak here. To date, it has also been the latest version of the new GLE. (Probably not too long. Ultimately 63, with eight cylinders beneath the body) is likely to come.

Mercedes will confirm: Not applicable to shut down the diesel engine

A new way

AMG has made a lot of improvements to a new GLE 53. Among the other things, an AMG's Speedshift class replaced the old game box. This is much faster and can turn a number of gates simultaneously.

The big pots are becoming bigger.

A place has also been replaced by a 4Matic + four-wheel device which ensures that its maximum height is followed. Here the permanent work on the back wheels is fixed, and the troops have been changed to go to the wheels when they are needed. It means more demanding and backward driving experience.

Ride AMG control – this is a new developed stop system where all wheels are under control of autumn and cooling forces. This has resulted in increased sustainability and driving dynamics.

In fact, the diaries record their driving status up to 1000 times a second (!) – just to make the installation every centimeter you're traveling on the road.

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(The case is following below)

The fourth generation of GLE is modern in character. It had long gone up as a renovation.


In recent years, ACG had not been careful in shaping the models, either. GLE 53 is another example that you should not be sure is not a phenomenon.

Especially the opposition to that appears. Here are some of the big nests that are there, along with the famous Panamericana grain – here with 15 vertical furrows.

At the back we see that four round tubes have been replaced by the original round tubes. Now the only 63 models are getting the oval design … t

It is not yet known what the newer will be costing in Norway, but the initial price of GLE 450 over NOK is 1.1 million. So we are talking well about millions. With a little equipment we measure that a person is coming to an end soon … t

Test AMG GT 63 S: – Math for a car!

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