This is the Porsche 911 all-time


Attention, great relatives and internet reporters are very important: this is the 8th generation of Porsche 911. The 992 & # 39;

It was published in the form "S & # 39; The best of them is ahead of the LA Motor Show, this is the official official service of our most recent generation of German economic sports cars.

To design it is clear that there is a change to the old man; A prestigious fragment of a design tool that keeps different things but makes people say "it's hard" because it's like the last one. " Yes, the decoration is very large in 911 but it's a great deal. proportion has been & # 39; up. Unlike 911s in the past, carcasses will not have a narrow body because the front line is expanded by 40mm and GTS will have the only geology of the GTS Carreras. It does not matter if it's two or four-wheel drive, it's single-size trees fit-all-fit for all. One that has been made with more aluminum than ever.

There is another new introduction to spinning a wheel; which is in the Garnet S, a & # 39; means a 20 inch inches and a 21 inch inch. On the front, a wrong boot is now in & # 39; dating back to the early 911s of planning issues in the future and the future is shot in the future with the essential design curve of the year: broadening bar.

We first saw it at Mission E, then Panamera and Macan but it will be a normal image that Porsche takes on all modules. Above that LED of LEDs a situation spoiler is more variable in a context that is suitable for people (idiots) They like to park them because they are like a nouveau peucag. Overall, it is extremely powerful but simpler with fast, modern elements such as flush door treatment.

Under this shape, the 911 has always been cleaner and most advanced in technology. Most importantly, it's fast. It is still converted by an engine, one still in the back to be smaller (I can hear that? That is a reminder of the help of Porsche enthusiasts) at the face value that is similar to the You will receive a 3.0-liter flat six-yard in the current 911.

However, due to shorter distribution rules, it has been necessary to be transformed significantly to make it cleaner and more efficient than ever. There is now a piezo injection, a new induction system, solvent with pattern diaphragm, reinstatement interruption, redefined turbo houses, and more. If you expect the tingle, zap and yowl of the old nat-asp cars back, watch a dream.

It does not mean that it's gone soft though it is. With 444bhp, the Carrera S has accessed 30pp on its model; Previously, the same as the GTS is going out and it will allow 997 Turbo to be achieved. We still do not want to get pressure, but it needs to be like the 991 generation; at present because the Carrera S wheel is completing 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds when it is connected to the new two-speed dual-speed PDK broadcast.

Sadly, there is no word from Porsche on manual garden boxes, but they will come later. At the same time, the 4S Carrera 4-wheel wheel drive will run the same sprint in 3.6 seconds – a & # 39; making both cars 0.4 seconds faster than their equivalent model. Is not that fast enough for you? Then you're better to describe its & # 39; Optional Sport Chrono package to reduce the time with two other tens. Asthma? 190mph if the 911 is driven by the four wheels, 191mph if it is two.

Inside, 992 has been a technology review. Introducing the main hill of the remainder is normal – 911 – with two thin, without frame lengths & # 39; The center's screen is now 10.9 inches. Those who have a sample of the latest Panamera know the controls. But the progress is correct with the systems. The usual set of series is faster but it is now now to include method & # 39; Wet is special so you do not fall off the road when it starts to download it, Night Vision Assist with thermal statues, and more connectivity than you can scratch iPhone X at.

Without a doubt later on the line, the 992 will be offered in a quarter trillion different triangles when they start to spread; roof completely to make cabbages, and take the house to make Targa, and # 39; Give you the options you want in one panel to make the GTS, then be light on it if they continue to make it. make T, everything before giving it to the GT section converted by motorsport. But there may be a more exciting opportunity for the 911; Is this the first model to be duplicate? Water? Not to be a motor engine if race cars are going? Time tells.

If you like anybody before recognizing how he is going to do it, Driving, the 911 Carrera S will cost PDK from £ 93,110 before you can add many of the options you have installed, and the 4S start at £ 98,418, and both are available at the moment.

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