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In just over an hour, Brenda Ines Bird Bruno lost his life. On July 25, 2018, this mother saw as home and merchant. Her image was recorded in a number of security cameras that allowed her to enter, at 3:24 in the evening, with a subject, according to the authorities Tomás Manuel Maldonado Cera, divide in Miramar, in the north of Barranquilla, from the place he did not reveal again.

One month and three days later, on August 28, his body was found with the decomposed machines, face down in abdominal ulnary position, with the hands on. The left of the face on the throne had already been completely defended, there was a detriment with a separate army, and another in front of the neck, chaip, caused by short-cut weapons, The right was broken, of course, violent death. In addition, the inside did not insert it in black, because the clothes he was transporting was not found on that day at the crime.

"Due to the way we found the group, we believe that the attack had happened in the background. To the side, a stone was approximately 9km in height, and b & # 39 It was a murderous weapon that we would think. In addition, the fort in the neck was so strong that it broke the windows, "said the leader of the Gaula Atlantic, Major Oscar Acosta , who provided detailed information to El HERALDO on how the titanic work was found by the person responsible for the female labor band. playing in Barranquilla in the previous year.

To find the person killed, a team of four researchers were led by Major Acosta, and his appointment became an Operations Center. Due to their knowledge and creativity, flavor for technology and two 50-inch screenings were held for almost seven months to explore more than 60 gigabytes of videos from 25 watchdogs and security cameras in the area where corpse was corrupted Bruno Birds. , and many test exams and a mistake before bringing the results that nowadays deserve a unique recognition from the public.

The researchers found the work of making a technical analysis of the mobile phones that were in the northern Barranquilla department for the day of their events. "More than one million populations were monitored with the aim of monitoring the behavior of those things. To find out what calls came and came out," said the head of Gaula.

Device novels

In the hill where they are; Brenda Bird was found dead, his cell phone was not found, which was important to the investigation since the records of the last made and received calls, text messaging and WhatsApp messages were required to inform to be in that lonely place.

The lack of the victim's mobile device was difficult. However, a method of investigation that was not implemented by the authorities in Barranquilla was always essential in supporting the process that seemed to have lost it.

The Gaula Police, under the co-ordination of the Attorney General's Office, requested that Brenda & Simcard be a mobile phone company. This was expected to link this number again with your Gmail account and to extract the information stored in its phone at the time.

"We took a sim card & mirror & # 39 ;, that is, a Freem number skeleton clone, which was inserted into a mobile device and, without your own phone, b & # 39; we can extract information through your Gmail account. We went to the laboratory and it was possible to get a flat file of over 3,000 pages, which was the level of information to be inspected, "explained Higher Acosta.

Once the contact numbers were numbered; in receiving the Brenda phone book, the next step was to examine each of them to find out which one at the time of the events, in the Miramar department.

Five suspects

Before they came to Tomás Maldonado Cera, the course researchers followed five men, who were related in some way by Brenda, who woke up a degree of interest because they had a connection in the days near murder

One of these men is one of whom Pájaro Bruno had a cash connection. "This person gave her real money for her help to strengthen her economic activity, she was doing" a " reaching the sale of goods and so on, and we thought that the level of debt crime could be woven here, but after examining it, We found that for a date I was in the city of Cúcuta.

We left that at the beginning, "recalling Major Acosta.

Another difficult research aimed at a man who works for a messenger company and that day in the north.

"We started to investigate this person for the place where he was and was in the women's phone book that gave us strong evidence. But, we realized that this person works in the messenger company and the day of events was happening in Miramar, "said Acosta.

Even the inspectors of Gaula, after one of those suspected for more than a month, tried to establish a reason why he wanted to complete Brenda's life.

"From the links we have been exploring, we found it apart from the one in Cúcuta, there was one in Bogotá, one in Malambo and two in the town of Soledad, with everyone who spoke to those days, "said the elder.

After such wear, the agents were feeling very unhappy and pressured on the media, victim weight pressure and the pressure of the superintendent to deliver outputs; is becoming increasingly heavy.

Mr Tomás

It was already month in December 2018, four months had passed through exams and mistakes, but it was not enough to kill the road.

When the numbers saved in the Brenda Pájaro diary were explored and carried out with the numbers that were in that area to the north of Barranquilla for their date, search Installing a number stored in the simple charter of the one that was there. division of Miramar's day of murder.

"The number was held as Mr. Tomás," this brought the attention of inspectors, but to that day it was just like anyone else in the north of Barranquilla. "

With that case, he started again on analyzing the & # 39; This character did not appear in any way to the researchers. However, a profession marked the aim.

"We started to investigate whether or not we could connect to this person, but we needed more information. This is how we decided to investigate its & # 39, your cell phone company and a record of the profession. In that record, we received a call made directly from Cal 100, in Miramar, on July 25 at 4:29 pm in the evening, "said the Gaula Commander.

There is only a content that lasted 26 seconds but was known by Tomás Maldonado and his receiver, who the man who gave the key to the tie was bound by this person with Pájaro's crime.

"We confirmed the number to know who was called and appeared in the name of the French Gamarra, who has investigated, we decide that she is a Maldonado woman, 39. In this name we started to investigate our products, which we gave to Chery Van Pass of the first series, of HP-376 pests ", and # 39 ; keep the head of the research.

For Ghaula, she took care of her; This transportation was taken into account, as it was a type used as a public service, school transport or travel, which included that, in the daily life of Pájaro, a & # 39; accompanying his daughter with the remedies he received in the Revival center, Sonrisas de Esperanza, the only man carried on cars similar to that of Maldonado's wife.

However, there was still nothing to do with the lawyer today Brenda's crime.

"We thought that Gamarra was a driver of a car driver, who could give a type of service, but when the line was investigated by the filthy company, we found that he wanted to use Tomás Maldonado, Even if he cited his wife, something that provokes us exultation for the A short time we could think he might say: "my love, I'm going home" or "my love, I did it already", the great Acosta's conviction.

In the Transit and Transportation database, Tomás Maldonado appears to be associated with the previous planes with two envelopes that contain taking place from October 4, 2017 and March 15, 2018, which also appeared as the person in the area from Miramar.

So, it was back to the breeding of the research that was the security cameras.

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