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THIS IS THE VITAMAN OF THE MUD ARTS TAKE AT THE GREAT GRIPA! Most people do not know it, but it's important for IMUNITY!

The text of the authors of the famous identifier of glaciars has been inactive and inactive; Treating dangerous and healthy diseases! Photograph: Zoran Jevtic

Following Serbia's influenza disease, when the number of people who are sick and dead from the problems of this disease is becoming stronger, it's just amazing that none of the highest scientists – epidemiologists, there are infectious agents and clinicians of other doctors whose clinics are full of respiratory illness, which has not stopped stopping and dumping. cure to date.

In addition to warnings about the use of a vaccine, use nose chromes and mouth, wash hands, avoiding major collections, which are not the most effective recommendations at the time that affects its & # 39; flu recently 105,000 people, a 29 deathsUnfortunately, the public did not hear anything else.

What are the young people who have been vaccinated against their & Flu is exposed to the risk of developing a disease, which is particularly vulnerable to children? Where is the medical response when the data tells us that death is also happening in a more protective body, not just in the elderly, which has diminished diminution? How do you show flu, and how do we get a cure if we get sick?

Any drug can be aggravated by a flu, all of which are known by vitamin D3, which have an important defensive impact – which means there is a fairness of normal protection. Like the hormone D, it has a powerful influence on creating natural protection, which allows many viral and bacterial diseases to be protected and treated without antibiotics, including casualties

South WesterlyRecent surveys in Europe and America have shown that people did not absorb high doses; Vitamin D3, up to 50,000 IU per day, which was suffering from flu, despite being involved with the illness, and some poor responses were reported. Therefore, in these countries, high doses of vitamin D3 are used in prevention, during and during epidemics, as many studies have shown that flu is more common in people with vitamin D3 deficiency, and dying is flu is significantly higher.

Our aim is to prevent and disable; The treatment of influenza greatly increases the degree of mental disorder in the blood, and this is only possible to use high dose. They can be taken as follows:

* Pre-school children up to five years 1,200 IU per day for prevention

* Adults aged from 2,000 to 4,000 IU per day

* People who are in contact with those who are ill or symptoms of flu from 10,000 to 50,000 IU per day

Before the application, there is a need to determine whether there is a risk (kidney stones, high calcium or parathyroid disease). It is also essential to confirm the initial level of D3 mental disorder.

A high healing dose should be done in collaboration with the doctor, which follows you in terms of potentially rare problems. But it is unclear to say that today's remedies do Vitamin D3 recommend at a measure of 800 to 1,200 IUs to prevent osteoporosis, although high doses are known as danger, which is not completely positive. In fact, there are no tips for high doses, although they can only work on gene generating antibacterial and immunoregulatory content in a & # 39; body.

There are two reasons for winter flu in the winter: the influenza virus is tight and can not live in a wet environment, and so it is in winter days dry and cold, and the disease is severe; happening in the & # 39; February, when the level of vitimin D3 in the blood is the lowest. Another reason is that our body does not produce vitamin D3, from October to March, and so needs to be made through improvements.


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