This is the Volt e1: the electric car that was designed and made in Córdoba


The Volt e1 is designed and made in Córdoba; leaving their factory in April 2019 Well: THE NATION

CÓRDOBA.- The Volt e1 was displayed in this home, which is & # 39; First Town City 100% electricity designed and made in the country. Starting today, it will go & # 39; The first unit of the small carriage designed for urban and technological shift for comfort and safety. Due to size and features, it is located in a different section than
Sero Electric that was made in Morón, which gives the title as " First Argentine electric four-wheel carriage (though only two seats).

It has three doors, four wheels and a ploc to be removed from the house to the 220 V. product. It is designed to carry two adults and two children up to 12 years (Isofix's hook is for children's seats), a member capable for 300 liters of goods, and maintenance costs and 90% lower than those with a traditional car. With nonsense emissions of gares that thank her; his electric carriage, and the fastest speed of fast-distance speed – of 110 km / h, it promises to be a good choice; to walk through Argentine cities.

The Volt e1 is designed and made in Córdoba; leaving their factory in April 2019
The Volt e1 is designed and made in Córdoba; leaving their factory in April 2019 Well: THE NATION

Many of our traditional cars have just come out in the & # 39; society that we usually see on the streets of Argentina, as it is Thinking of a technology company, so it's closer to a device that comes from an internet rather than a car factory. .

Its technology, developed in Córdoba, is used both in comfort and in the materials used for the construction of the monocoque: carbon fiber, kevlar and modified regions to make it resistant and light. But at its first sight, details have yet to be finished at a & # 39; a pro-sales model for the development of information, and still unidentified data: technical features of the database and the details of the detailed information included in this model, such as the commitment A book The driver's battery is available through a larger application of truth.

Every time Wi-Fi

All in the car can be managed by request on the # 39; phone. A door resolution, window control, light, unit position, battery level, and & # 39; completely or the general position, until the operating updates to the model over time. On the side of the board, Android 7.1 is a 16-inch screen for Android 7.1 to control different parameters. car.

There are emergency buttons, 360º cabinets with a "fly" effect that differentiate different variations and give them a single vision as if we were in a position; watch the trip from drone, and nearby sensors and parking attendants, among other activities.

The board is the Volt e1, designed and made in Cordoba; leaving their factory in April 2019
The board is the Volt e1, designed and made in Cordoba; leaving their factory in April 2019 Well: THE NATION

Between the different brake technologies the next regeneration – which allows part of a decisive energy to & # 39; Vehicle when it breaks in electric power for battery, working with one community, airbag, technology for the protection of effects (AIP), LED light in position and turning, and two-xenone lights and the ability to & # 39 estimating device data; car on the wind, so that they do not take a look at his / her; wheel.

Its lithium batteries can be paid in six hours with a range of 150 kilometers, although you can add another one and double up to 300 km. Fast appraisal, on the other hand, allows you to complete 80% of its ability in just 30 minutes, but only through a super charger. The maximum speed is 110km per hour.

In terms of electricity consumption, its company account is: 100km of camps at a cup of coffee cup. One economic, because they measured it at forty pesos. Is that, including annual costs, operating cost and maintenance is 10 hours lower than a normal vehicle, according to Volt. The efficiency measured in operating costs is that a traditional car is 6600 pesos of naphtha ma; is 1500 km / month (50 KM per day) but this model does not cost 600 pesos. Then, the annual savings include operating costs of less than $ 72,000, less than $ 33,000 and tax incentives of $ 22,000: 127,000 pesos as a whole.

The model is more than 550 kilograms and can carry up to 300 kilograms of behaviors, at a cost of 750,000 pesos. Bonus will be in the first 100 vehicles at a cost of 80,000 pesos. The car will be on the street in April next year. You still need to know more details about the car, see it on the streets and the test driver will come up to see how your walk. We need to wait until 2019 to see the strength of the Volt idea and if they reach, in a year, the target of 3000 units made.

The company will prepare a second model, a type of resource, called Volt w1, with a single passenger space, and designed to carry ferries within a home, and so on forward.

The Silicon Valley of Córdoba

Volt Motors is so since 2015, although his engineers and directors have been working for a number of years on different social, economic and environmental impacts and now take a step longer with & # 39; 100% electricity carriage. Thanks to the approval of the National Ministry of Representation completed their development plan on the engineering and production of the first units and may agree, make and do a patent from this year.

They work with different innovative partners that offer, for example, digital insurance. "The car is safe from the factory with a digital insurance factory, which is digital and has different advantages to the user as a car park, etc. With SOS, who recommends different knowledge to users get mechanical support from an inbox, "explains Director Volt Daniel Parodi.

Volt Motors is the intention of installing, within five years, productive and commercial cells in Buenos Aires and in regions of Centro, Cuyo, NOA, NEA and Patagonia. Also, expand to border countries, with an initial investment that reaches 200 million pesos and it is estimated that around 500 jobs can be created in the first phase.

The models that come out will be sold online, without inter-groups. As the business grows, stores will be installed, as they say. The first one is in Ciudad Empresaria, a technological panel built by the company's Head of Directors, with Cordovan's headquarters, Intel, McAfee, Hewlett Packard, Mercado Libre and Trane, among others. The Silicon Valley mountains are not struggling with Volt Motors. This factory is here where they collect the modules, with national parts and are included in equal equals.

Some of the local media will be the creator's vocation, Parodi, the local Elon Musk. This engineer born in the town of Chordoba has been to develop local innovation for years. Among his projects included equipment, somewhat restricted, but that gave life to the idea of ​​his / her; electric vehicle with the same equipment as a spatial business: it reduced the weight to increase the payload. This car was born, designed for urban, light, effective and low-cost conservation.

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