This is the winner between Nicolás Gavilán and Dagoberto Vergara in Pasapalabra


Nicolás Gavilán decided Dagoberto Vergara In this new chapter of Pasapalabra in which he had a very flat rosco 80 million pesos.

The partners reached the last game with a minimum difference in time. Captain of blue crew, The Dagoberto Vergara he got 44 seconds and add to 85 what is being delivered Pasapalabra he was with him 129 points next to Katyna Huberman and Claudio Fariña, as long as Captain na orange team, Nicolás Gavilán came to the rosco with 50 seconds and started with his game 135, along with Eva Gómez and Jordan.

However, this small difference of fingers was not noticed as a result of rosco. Nicholas got 1 hits and 1 mistake, and that place Choilean Dagoberto achieved only 15 goals and won 3 red words. So the musician who comes to the next chapters to compete 82 million pesos.

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