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REPORT SPOILER: Do not read if you are still not watching "Starting the End of the Start," midseason season 3 end of "This Is Us."

The third season of "This Is Us" has gone into his holiday hiatus but, for real form, he has not gone out without a bigger ban.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Zoe (Melanie Liburd) traveled to Vietnam to learn about his father's time during the war. They learned that, although Jack always said that his brother Nicky (Michael Angarano) died in the war, his name was not among the fallen soldiers. But the exhibition did not leave there, instead of visualizing to an unprecedented house, with an old man who, move around the back and jackets that were sent to Nicholas Pearson on the stack on board.

So not only did Jack's brother kill the war as long as Pearson's patriarch murdered his family – he did not die at all.

"It was so popular that Kevin was going to Vietnam to find anything – his father's war story and his father's affinity with her neck-haired woman in the pictures – and he ends up answering a question he did not even know he should want, who speaks to the unexpected nature of life, "said a co-exhibition Isaac Aptaker Variety.

Nicky's story is the only midseason boundary, with the title "It is the Beginning of the End of the Taking," he gave a look. The film series forwarded by Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Tess (Iantha Richardson) were extended to look at Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), saying that all three were going to go to # 39; see "Randall's mother." still known for the time, but Aptaker proves that they are Rebecca (Mandy Moore) visit, not the "biological mother, which was erased,", despite the keyword choice of words.

Here, Aptaker and co-producer Elizabeth Berger will talk to him Variety about the ideas learned in "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning," including when Kevin learns what the listeners have learned about their uncle, why they chose What in a & # 39; this program and how they put forward Randall debate speech.

How far did you decide that Nicky was not dead after everything and why did you go? Feel that a story was more robust than it?

Aptaker: That was always part of the plan, well since we were feeling that the character was; going to Vietnam and everything. Jack has always been a person who has these hopes and parts of his life that he can not speak, so he always felt that something was great.

Berger: We loved to have a & # 39; Bring out a story where Vietnam's complexity in Vietnam has shown that the relationship between brothers was broken, and we are doing it. look forward to telling that part of the story when we return.

Did you tell Michael the whole plan when he signed up for the post?

Aptaker: Let's tell him all of a story about Nicky, far from the moment we can and we gave him the role. We wanted to understand the accessibility of this person and how it is; drag in and out of the characters' lives.

The exhibition often says that Nicky is "lost himself" in the war, but that comes from Jack's perspective. Is there any element of behaviors in Vietnam that really has a feeling; shows the true Nicky, who is not de-numbered by his father or even Jack?

Berger: We have always seen how these children were sensitively thrown into this terrible situation. He can not carry it. Without the kid [Jack] has always been known, and that is the child that was sent to war, and that's the child who breaks it when he's out there. I think we 're going to; Believe that Nicky's very true is this sweet, innocent man, and that the war was destroyed.

Nicky's death is not exactly what Jack is worried about when he comes to Vietnam, but his family is a bigger thing.

Berger: Jack holds himself to a moral company so tall, and he is so aware of right and wrong, when there are somewhat broken things, sometimes the most difficult to travel, and clearly, Everything that is out of Vietnam and war is damaged, so he just plays in the & # 39; That part of that is a great deal with that uncertainty. It is clear that something is very difficult to keep from your family, but at the same time it was always a real feeling of character with Jack's character.

The audience now recognizes more about Nicky than Kevin's doing. Does the plan have to keep the audience forward by? Looking back quickly for the trip or catch it fast?

Aptaker: We are going to experience the trip together with Kevin from this, except for the same time you got at the end. And we'll be hurting into this just when we return – that's what is almost half the season. Kevin, has been getting her & # 39; This short time when he's leaving Vietnam, what he is doing? going to do with him? It is the vagast of directors, but how does he use it to learn about his uncle? Simply by the end of this year we will get all Nicky's answers.

How close are the pastimes in the last episode of this program to the future? Is it fair to make a straightforward correction between seeing Jack a & # 39; going into the water when she fears Nicky's injured Nicky is only seen in the future, as well as Beth making Randall sleeping on the bed, to see them separately corporate in the future?

Aptaker: Sometimes there are, and sometimes not, and that's always what I think is fun about the nature of the puzzles and the mystery of the show. Sometimes what we look today is a prime point that we have; going on and affecting the future in a great way, and sometimes there is a bit of trash that can be arranged. I think, like life, you do not know which ones are changing and their; worry your whole life so that you can step back at the end and to reflection. In the past time when Jack is jumping into that water, it is a prime point in his & her; their life, and it's a time to explore in the second half of the season. It's not something we're going to; going to make people wait months and years; we will go to these questions faster than later.

Looking at a timeline in the future, how did you decide that Beth the next character would be shown?

Aptaker: This main plan is where everyone ends up and how the whole line is going to end; finishing too, so we are not now debating that in the writers' room. What we talk for hours and hours; How and when did the pieces of information be extracted: when is the most interesting, when is the greatest impact, when is the most dramatic drama? Many thought that Beth had died or was in some corporate concerns in the future, and that has never been part of our plan for the show. We want people to enjoy the stories Bet so not to think about what she was doing; to meet this incredible death, so it was important to show that it was right. But at the same time, this vision was full, and there is a lot of information that is asking a lot of new questions.

What do you have for the Randall talk in the debate?

Aptaker: That debate debate was what we were doing; built every season and as part of the reason we wanted to tell this story. [We knew] seeing Sterling in that place and with his incredible acting clips so exciting. And, as well as what we are getting interesting about this race here, this is the person; with the incredible horror of charisma but has never done this before he opens up the face of the occupational politician who has 8,000 debates, and so see if Randall has a chance to do so. It's going to be able to use what this makes us all consider in this very unique situation against this person who knows just how to turn things and spin. It's a disappointment, which is so fascinating in politics at the moment where people come from all kinds of backgrounds. Randall is outside, who is able to win this community?

Does it strive to do how it will deliver its commitments to it; do? Is it more realistic to see a fight to fight?

Berger: It was interesting to see Sterling and Randall in a situation where it is not uncomfortable because of it; It is so naturally tied. And then he was so pleased to see a minute, "Indeed, this is not when I'm so good, when I'm behind this podium. I'm so good when I am sitting down on the platform, connecting to people. "And so, how big it is & nbsp; to abolish, send me a connection to it. It stretches out in many ways and we've been doing it. He felt he had been born to do this.

Aptaker: The closest thing that it is at the end of this program, Randall does not; discuss what his family and sacrifice will have to do as he and his father for this campaign, a two-hour bridge from his house. We start to & # 39; Seeing the faults in a very frightening way before the end of this midseason border.

Berger: They will definitely be sure. They have their daughters – at least two of them – at an age where things are not getting more complex but Randall does not; only get more remote than politics or something else, What must be & # 39; confirm what she wants to do. There is a lot going on in that house, so it's a chef's weight.

Speaking about the family of Randall, Tess told parents that she was in a position; She thinks she loves girls. What do you want to explore doing at this time in the story?

Berger: I think the children are somewhat more confident about this material from a younger age than I am. Even thinking that we were growing up, and it's usually a place of conversation in their lives. Now that we have been introduced, it is certainly what we will see slowly during this season and the coming seasons.

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