This is why you should freeze the white bread before eating it before exercising



(Caracas, November 22 – News24) .-Nowadays having adequate nutrition has become a tendency And it is very common to hear the word fitness to define a healthy eating at the time of eating.

In the search of this style there are a series of foods that are usually avoided, since they are considered unhealthy. Within them is the consumption of white bread due to its high glucose consumption.

However, a study from Oxford Brookes University, shared by Men's Health, found that qOr if it is frozen before roasting it for consumption it becomes a superaliment.

Apparently when it is subjected to low temperatures, half of the glucose is reduced and the remaining sugar is the necessary dose to give the body enough energy to train.

They also indicated that the cold prevents the body from correctly processing the starch, therefore you will not be able to obtain the total amount of sugar of the product.

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