This patented disease creates a patient that forms formal formation of its lung airways


Patients have a great blood protected by a patient who represents lung air paths


A man treated for heart failure came up with a clot full, full blood that was a formal transformation of the airplanes of his lungs.

The integrity of its clot was once & # 39; It has been developed on blue medical clothing, spectacular doctors; They can find the three upper lobe lungs of the lungs, the two branches in the middle lobe and the five branches in the lower.

Including about 15 cm with 17 cm, b & # 39; It was a good card of airplane and they knew exactly where the split came, a correct bronchial tree on the patient's lungs.

Although a tree is called, it looks like the roots. Imagine the hauling on strong dancing when the entire complex system extends out of the ground without going to it; bent as it came.

Instead of doctors who discharge the patient's lungs, and # 39; pulling out the red blood, bloody, however, the man sent out without it, as the doctors said: "At a very bad time."

The stupid sample of the medical problem of two of his doctors at the University of California, San Francisco – Gavitt Woodard, a tragedy surgeon, and Georg Wieselthaler, head of a cardiothoracic surgeon – wanted to write notes about the case, which was published this week in New England Journal of Medicine.

Public response has been a great deal of wonder and terror.

There are several media statements to express science, giving it as a patient who literally turns lungs, and Includes common for what it's like to stop quickly.

"The person who spends up a part of the lungs is long and is treated for heart failure," said Fox News, fail or note that there is a card of the inside of the lungs; – like pouring a concrete into your mold and then removed from the roof, just with the blood of the concrete place – which came out of the mouth, instead of the lungs itself.

The Daily Mail Online was even on & # 39; defrauded in the bad definition in the territory, "Man, 36, spark up part of the LUNG," he says.

The interesting expectations of the fact that blood has been admitted to the aerial sections of the patient's lungs and hardened, what the collection is called by a doctor. The strong blood imposed a large ban to cleanse. And he made a clear shot.

However, you did not leave any help from the product cousin. The patient had already died from heart failure. Despite intervention, he died nine days after his death. clot.

Doctors are not entitled to the patient's name, but they say that a 36-year-old man who was treated in the strict care unit, and # 39; suffering from continuous heart failure.

He had done a great deal of interaction, including aortic valve relay, aortic aneurysm stenting and a continuous handbag was inserted for a complete heart block.

The unusual clot may be explained by the next intervention.

Doctors impelled the Impella's support machine into the heart through the artery, which is a heart pump that occasionally supports for a long time. Patient to move blood through the heart to the rest of organs in the body. According to the manufacturer's website, it is a cure for "unmarried patients".

Face clots are known side by side.

"Fools can develop blood, which can travel through the blood vessels and prevent the blood from blood to other organs, which incorporate into lungs that exhaust breath , "according to the Impella website.

To reduce decrease, heparin is used by doctors who use blood.

Over the next week, the patient was treated with casualties, which produced small amounts of blood or blood colorful mucus, written by the doctors in their published case note.

It was increasing respiratory problems and needed additional oxygen to make it easier.

"When a cough was very hard, the patient was expected to write a full card of the correct bronchial tree," wrote the doctors.

Cubes were inserted to the top and a range used to investigate the patient's flights. Two days later, the tubes were removed and he did not have other bloody coughs, the doctors wrote.

A week later, however, the patient died from heart failure problems.

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