This season, people are illegally immunized against their infection


With regard to the recommendation of medical centers, around 10,000 people bought for this season. More flu vaccine last year, but people are poorer slower, BNS statement.

According to her, almost 98 percent of the last flu season was used. vaccine available against their flu vaccine. 94 per cent used this season.

This year, the flu has already been killed in 127 people, 470 people in hospital, restricted to flu in 127 schools, more than half of the towns were called the flu disease, but the WAC report says that people are abusing an vaccine.

Lina Reinartiene, Head of the Healthcare Provision Unit, says that the current situation with a flu has a long time. reminds us again that it is essential to take time for a vaccine and some people can do it free – this is getting paid by a & # 39; the property of illness.

"As far as we know, none of the people we lost this year were due to their flu vaccine. In addition, most of them had a & # 39; suffering from a long-term illness, so they got the chance to get a vaccine from the property for a vaccine against their flu vaccine, but they did not do that, "said Mr Reinartiene.

In particular, medical companies reported to buy a larger number of flu vaccines who expected more people to protect themselves against difficulties by monitoring the previous year's vaccination coverage . However, only 2.7 miles were used for flu vaccine. pour more than the final.

"It's hard for a lot of the people who have the right to have a vaccine to buy flu vaccine money on this, sometimes life choices," said Reinartiene.

The compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF) has bought vaccines for a flu vaccine for 491,000. EUR.

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