This section is attached to the rest of the company


Sony: This department is connected to the rest of the company

Sony Mobile will lose independence, but it's a progressive development. The mobile sector will be compared with the television, sound and cameras sector for one unit called “Electronic Products and Solutions”.

The company will increase the level of collaboration between different electrical components. Xperia Series already gets a lot of data back from the TV and camera parts, which we can see especially in its new flag, Xperia 1.

Sony will continue to share the results of Xperia smartphones, despite concerns that this move is done to deal with limited income in the mobile sector.

Sony Mobile arrived in 2017 in 13.5 million sales, and its forecast for 2018 was 7 million. In the last year, they reached a loss of £ 913 million. By contrast, the TV and sound sectors had a profit of 714 million tolls, while the cameras had reached $ 804 million.

This region has been trying to take a long time to reduce its costs by cutting costs by 50%. The company believes that Xperia smartphones could start earning income from 2021 at the earliest stage.

In particular, they are currently working on 5G connections, not just on mobile phones but also on other products. Former CEO Kaz Hirai (who has just retired from the company) has said that mobile maintenance is strategically important in order to benefit from other experience.

Editor: Pavlos Kroustas

Last updated: Thursday, 28 March 2019, 18:12

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