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Most of the time, iPhones works very well, and there are no accidents or "death screens" as common. But they can happen, it's true, and when something like this happens, the hope is very fast. After that, Apple Repairs have no repairs that come out cheaply. But the good news is that you can find many of the software outputs – and the good software for that to be verified – Repairs (Replacement of the iOS System).

The program is one of several Wondershare solutions for iOS (also for iPads, of course), with – Specially designed for software repairs on your Apple device. And as well as having system repairs, the software also has a & # 39; come with additional features that are not useful, such as iPhone information, and data transfer between your iPhone and your computer, and # 39; transfer data from iPhone to iPad (or other iPhone), feedback as links and pictures, and you can also remove software from the blue screen from your iPhone or your data from your device , leaving it new.

Device menu offered by drf

To start, you must visit the Drfone Repair website and download the compatible MacOS file (as well as a version of the compatible program with Windows). You can freeze the device free of charge (and already provide emergency repair), and buy the purchase for 1 year or last – in & # 39; In this case, you choose the best plan that meets your needs, with options consistent with up to 5 devices and 1 computers, 6 to 10 devices and 1 computers, non-compliant devices and 1 computer, or & Installation of equipment and computers required.

How to correct the "black screen of death"

On the Wondershare site, there is tutoring on how to install the black screen on the iPhone, but we will continue to take you the steps here. It is important to be aware that the problem DrPhone is correcting the problem without a data loss – that is, it is current correction, not the transformation of your device.

The iPhone black screen is urgent because no indicator of what causes the problem, makes it difficult to find a quick solution. This "death" screen may arise both due to hardship problems and software that will prevent the operation of the device. So, first you need to find out if the damage is hard to hard or just on the iOS itself.

If the black screen appears shortly after you drop down your device on the floor, or if it was immersed in a lot of water (such as falling into the toilet for example), there are good opportunities to be a & # 39; related to the same hardness. In this case, it is possible that the display or a # 39; destroy another physical part – and then save a service.

But if none of this has happened, the fault is more likely to be related to software, so that the installation of a telephone is included. Malwares, irregular or incomplete innovations may cause the cause of the problem, and the black screen may also appear if any application has disappeared when it is used. And, if you just want to restart the device to restart (by pressing the "Powers" button together with "Home" for a few clicks, to iPhone 6s, or to # 39 ; push the "Powers" button along with the Volume Down button on the iPhone 7 and later) to solve anything, follow the following steps after & # 39; install the Dr.Phone Repair on your computer and open the program.

Drfone home writing, which troubleshooting problems such as "white screen of death" or "black screen of death"
  1. Before you click on "Start", connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer with a & # 39; Lightning / USB cable and wait for the program to identify the device;
  2. Now, the time in the installation of the device to the DFU mode, is suitable for the deepening of deep boxes. To do this, follow the instructions that feature on the maintenance of a telephone, as the process is different for iPhones to 6s, and after iPhone 7;
  3. The next step is to provide basic information about your device, such as model, iOS conversion, etc. After the next screen to download the updated Software (for this, click on "Download");
  4. After you download it, autophone installation will automatically start your iPhone software, and all you need to wait for the end a & # 39; process;
  5. At the end, you need to do it; a machine is usually restarted and you can see a message from DrPhone Driver saying that you are now able to remove the device from their last computer, or repeat its & # 39; process if you see the need for new repairs.
Final version of the iOS repair process with the use of telephone

To avoid the "black screen of death" looks, you must monitor battery health (sign in iOS 12 in "Battery Options"). If iOS tells that the battery is in trouble, it is recommended instead of replacing it instead. Also, instead of jailbreaks on your iOS by simply installing Apple's approved apps that are available from the App Store. It is also recommended to keep a security solution on your device, which will be protected against malware and other sensitive images.

It is worth having to be aware that the repair of the iPhone is more than the "black screen of death", and # 39; Attending "white screen of death", when the device gets a "while" in the iTunes revival mode, and other software related software.

Determining accidental issues

This iPhone crash will happen when the device is restarted by itself, or when it will be; Missing when using different applications. And Wondershare's teaching of cool teaching is also how to solve the iPhone crash, but we also explain here.

It is true that these locking and rehabilitation problems are not very common in Apple devices, but it is not impossible to do too. In most instances, the problem source is in a simple software failure, which can be resolved by Quick repairs. In the video below, you will see how easy and fastest & # 39; do it use the software to pull your iOS without striking:

And in addition to this solution, you can also do the following suggestions:

  1. Just try to restart your iPhone. When you need to be restored, all actions that are completed will be terminated. running in the background, with the system to start to & # 39; run from the beginning;
  2. Clean in storage. Fractions may occur due to lack of disk space or out of memory. By removing unnecessary requests and in particular a & # 39; cleaning the contents of the camera roll (which is in advance support, in fact, on iCloud or on your computer), you will give you a "live" device; device to continue to run the required bids. And, to clear the Saighdear task, just go to the settings, quick Safari and select the option to clear the history and data of the sites visited;
  3. Make sure your iOS is correct by running the latest version with Apple. Under "Options", just open "General" tab and select "Software Update". If the current version is to be installed, the time is now and the time is now!
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