"This time the danger was …" Cialia Fernández was giving the 2018 Bailando anxious!


Last night the tears and feelings were on the surface. Those words that describe his & # 39; program Thursday, December 6. An 2018 Dance It was the place that was & # 39; He was a great entertainer to all who were present, and even Marcelo Tinelli could not take her tears and he did not know how well she was. the partners were.

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Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber went to the way with his / her idea to be & # 39; leaving her disease; and put on the platform in a strong way. They agreed to give praise to the Malvinas challengers and commented on the cold story through the dance and describing the Old National, which led to a stopping goose on everyone who was present.

Ángel de Brito is the first one who is the first. describes the remarkable rise: "It's very good to hear the song live and Gabo's dancing," said the journalist with a secret score. Then, Laurita Fernández said: It is a good opportunity for many parents to tell the children what happened to Malvinas. It was a praise for everything. Gabo is amazing. They did not apply to the tears all the time, she had a lot of strength, "said the blow on the wall and was certified by 10.

After that, Florencia Peña sent his colleagues' ideas and added: "This time the danger was good, because it is a very moving topic." They saw artists who thank a very beautiful story and that was what they said. Feeling it was beautiful, it was fine. Big teamwork, "said his actress and moved the convener at the borders 10. In order to close his trip, Marcelo Polino said:" It's a good thing to do. remember the Malvinas on April 2. I was connected to the story and I'm singing it very cute, "they sentenced to the photium and sent it 7.

In this way, Cinthia Fernández achieved the second highest score, 27 points and got a place in the seven best of the fight led by Marcelo Tinelli. However, the prize did not end, the night goes to the way the famous ones that are still in existence; debate: Sol Pérez, Lourdes Sánchez and María del Cerro.

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