This Tuesday, without organizations, trains or boats with the Terms of Use union strike


The transport modes will be able to collect conventions next month at workplaces between 4 and 7, so buses, trains, planes and boats will not provide their normal services during the this time.

The complaint will affect the services for a good part of the morning, as the distribution will begin to be customized only when the units leave the different modes of travel from the clans them.

The amount cited by the Alliance of Argentine Transport Workers (CATT) was from a broad demand, which includes occupational emergency impairment. disappeared, and refunds Payment of Income Tax by staff and bargaining agreements. each company connected to transport.

In so many Minister of Representation and Work, Dante Sica and Transport, Guillermo Dietrich are scheduled to meet this evening with the sections of the NSMC, although focusing at that trade union "We need to wait until midnight to find out if the meeting is compiled".

According to the speaker "The intention was to reach that meeting with compulsory settlement arrangements (in terms of flight conflict) which would stop over 350 staffing obstacles to stop, but that did not happen ".

The collections recorded for tomorrow, the CATT will explain through a statement, affecting between 4 and 7 transports the next Two, connected to foreign trade, goods and passengers in all its differences (air, river, rail, and equipment).

"We reiterate that we are denied our Income Tax and we want to make General Agreements really needed in all companies connected to transport", he said Juan Carlos Schmid, CATT guardian, when he announced the campaign last week.

The main action of its complaint will be from 8 pm during the airport that will be held at the mouth of the TRP building, located on Avenida Ramón Castillo and Avenida Comodoro Py, from the Buenos Aires City, where Schmid a & # 39; speak.

The CATT is made up of La Fraternidad (railroad), pollution drivers, all air bodies, UTA, Ceamse, taxis, taxes, all fleets and ports.

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